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11 Twin Spirit Recognition Signs You Must Know!

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11 Twin Spirit Recognition Signs You Must Know!

Do you know what is a twin spirit or a twin flame?

Well, in a higher level of consciousness, the soul remains undivided. But when it backs to the earth, it divides itself into two parts. So, the other half is called the twin soul/spirit. When these two halves meet each other, they feel complete and fulfilled. Well, still confused?

Here are 11 signs using which you can recognize your twin soul:

1. Energetic connection: You will feel a deep connection with them because the connection exists on the level of chakras. The connection starts in the root chakra and travels to the mid chakras and then to the crown chakra.

2. Of course there will be a deep romantic connection which will be so deep that you will practically keep planning your future with your twin soul.

3. You will feel a magnetic pull towards your twin soul. You will feel as if there is a thread that is pulling you towards them and this is why you are meant to be with them.

4. You will also feel that you know and understand their soul. The connection will be that deep.

5. Well, telepathic connections shall also thrive. You will know what they are thinking and what they need.

6. You will also begin to notice synchronicities around you.

7. Oh! You will have those vivid dreams of meeting up with your partner. Sometimes they maybe even intimate dreams but these dreams will be a sign that you are meeting your twin soul.

8. You will almost feel that you know them from a past life, so much so that sometimes you might even remember instances from your past life with them.

9. You will have a lot of similar interests that will help you bond easily with each other.

10. You may also feel that both of you are going through similar life experiences as well.

11. A meeting with your twin spirit or soul will also cause spiritual awakening because your soul is nourished and enriched by meeting them.

Source: soultravelrules

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