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12 Reasons Why Female Empaths Struggle to Find the Right Man

by Bronz
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Being in love with a female empath can be hard. It is a real challenge for most of the men, and those who can manage and stay with an empath is a really special person.

No doubt, empaths can be one of the most wonderful persons on the planet, but they don’t behave the same as the most people do. You can’t be in a relationship with an empath as long as you are not completely ready for that. There is no playing hot-and-cold, either you love them with all your heart or you leave.

Female Empaths Struggle To Find True Love – Here is why:

  1. They are very intense.

    When you are in a relationship with an empath you feel as if you have jumped off of a building but you can never touch the ground. Some people enjoy this feeling and others can’t handle it. Empaths connect deeply with all the people and most of them feel choked by this closeness.

  2. People don’t understand them.

    Many people can’t understand what it is like to be an empath. They are more complex than people can imagine. Of course, you can try to get to know them, but you can never understand them completely, it’s simply impossible.

  3. They know exactly what they want.

    Empaths can’t imagine being in a relationship just for fun. They accept only serious relationships in which they can love and be loved unconditionally. If you can’t be there for them all the time, don’t waste your time.

  4. They ask a lot of questions.

    Empaths hate to play games. They need to make everything clear and they will ask a million questions if they feel the need to do that. With them it’s like being interrogated all of the time, but they have only the best intentions.

  5. They are too honest.

    Many people want to be around other people who always tell them what they want to hear. This is a real problem because empaths are extremely honest; sometimes even too honest, so many people can’t handle it.

  6. They need to be emotionally satisfied.

    The empath has to be satisfied not only physically but also emotionally. The one doesn’t go without the other. This is how things work in their own world.

  7. They need to feel the freedom.

    You can’t keep an empath in your life if you don’t let them be free. If you try to cage them they will be driven away.

  8. They have a tendency to take things too personally.

    Empaths have deeper feelings than most people, they can simply feel everything. Even some unimportant thing can seem huge to them. Only because you don’t feel the need to apologize it doesn’t mean that you don’t have to.

  9. They are not born for short-term relationships.

    Empaths won’t accept a relationship if they are not assured that it is going to last forever. They want a partner who is going to be around them no matter what.

  10. They respect reliability.

    If they can’t rely on you, you better don’t waste your time. The empath needs a stable man next to her, someone who is punctual and always answers her calls.

  11. They can see both the best and worst in others.

    She can be really unpredictable at times just because she sees both the best and worst in others. She is not someone who can be easily controlled and she is also not someone who will leave somebody who has a bad reputation if she feels that there is something good in them.

  12. They love from the bottom of their hearts.

    Empaths know how to love deeply and hardly like nobody else in the world. They give all they have and that’s exactly what they expect from their partner. If you are in love with an empath you have the most wonderful person next to you. Some people just don’t know how to appreciate all that.

This post was rewritten from Curious Mind Magazine You can find the original post here.

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Nada January 24, 2019 - 6:14 pm

Why is this article about “Female Empaths” when the attributes listed are simply in regard to empaths in general? These ‘reasons’ are the same for both men and women alike. As a male, I can relate to almost every one of the attributes mentioned here. Perhaps the real issue is that we, as empaths (both male and female), should be looking to one another, rather than looking for romantic connections with those who don’t possess these attributes.


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