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4 Signs Of Soul Ties You Can Recognise

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When someone comes into our lives and we connect with them on a spiritual or chemical level, we develop a connection or “soul tie” with them.

These soul ties strengthen our spiritual interactions with that person and allow for a much closer, deeper relationship.

However, they can also be troublesome when we develop unhealthy soul ties with someone.

So whether you are trying to work out why you feel so connected to someone, or you want to avoid unhealthy soul ties from forming, you should look out for these 4 signs of soul ties:

Soul Ties Sign 1: They Excite You

We are wired as spiritual and social beings to absolutely love making connections. When we make any connection with another soul, the effect on us is usually positive.

We feel an intense surge of excitement, eagerness to explore this new person and all that they are.

So the first sign of soul ties is butterflies in the stomach, nervousness and feverish excitement.

Soul Ties Sign 2: They Provide An Escape

When we are with the person, it feels like we are escaping our regular life and just getting away from it all.

This can be unhealthy if we are already in a relationship, as we can often put off solving problems within our relationship by distracting ourselves with someone else.

This is how a lot of affairs start, leading to more pain down the road.

Soul Ties Sign 3: They Feel Like Something You Have Been Missing

When our souls connect, the feeling that goes along with it is usually tinged with familiarity.

That is, it feels like there was a gap in our soul that always needed this person, even if we didn’t notice before.

This is a trick of perception unless we have actually met a soulmate in which case that feeling is close to accurate.

Often people will seek out people who can give them what they are missing in their current relationship, leading to unhealthy soul ties based not on wanting to be connected to someone but instead based on making up for the flaws in our existing relationship.

Soul Ties Sign 4: You Just Can’t Let Go

The defining property of having soul ties with someone is that it is complicated to cut those ties.

Whether the connection is good for us or bad for us feels irrelevant – it is a painful and challenging experience in every case.

Essentially, we have connected with someone and felt their spiritual energies, helping us to understand in a way the make-up of their soul.

Feeling someone else’s humanity and spiritual state leads us to feel deeply attached to that person and gives us a stake in their future happiness.

So those were the 4 signs of soul ties that you might come across. Do you think you might have soul ties with someone? Have you managed to cut unhealthy soul ties and have advice for others?

source: spiritualunite


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