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5 zodiac signs that are known to be master manipulators

by Bronz
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f you don’t like to get played, watch out when you deal with these five zodiac signs.

Who’s the most manipulative of them all?

If you have lived on this planet long enough and not been manipulated by someone yet, then consider yourself to be lucky. Very few people haven’t been played by someone or have never been a victim of manipulation.

Funnily, we all tend to manipulate people consciously or unconsciously in social situations because it’s a survival skill that we have developed over time to cover up our flaws and mould things and situations to our benefit. It doesn’t mean that we are all a bunch of pathological liars. It just means that we are all flawed in the same way, but our willingness to manipulate people and situations varies from one person to another. For some of us it’s a subtle tact that we use only when we really need to, while for others it comes naturally and more vividly.

But when it comes to handling manipulative people in social situations how do we know which ones are more likely to play mind games with us than the rest? Well, if you believe in zodiac signs, there are 5 kinds of people who are master manipulators. It doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t trust people you know from these zodiac signs, but you should keep your eyes and gut feeling on an alert mode when you do.

1. Scorpio

Scorpions have an outstanding leadership quality, persuasive personality and a knack for paying close attention to details. But they also tend to be secretive, have a tendency to find a reason to not trust you and get jealous very easily. This combination of their strong personality traits makes them a great manipulator. If they find a reason to blame you, they do it with astute persuasion and by the end of it you will keep wondering what you did wrong in the first place.


On the plus side Cancerians are deeply intuitive, but when their intuitions get in the wrong direction it becomes a work of their imagination. When they have a negative or threatening intuition regarding you, a Cancerian turns on their manipulative side as a way of safeguarding themselves or their loved ones.

3. Gemini

Gemini people are the life of parties and are known to be extremely thoughtful. But they are also extremely indecisive. These three qualities make a deadly combination. To keep up the reputation as a social person they tend to cover up their indecisiveness by pretending that they are confident about their decisions. The bubble bursts sooner or later as they are also thoughtful people and when they ponder over their decisions they find faults in it. This pushes them to turn their manipulative side on by shifting the blame on others in reaction to their own regrets.

4. Pisces

Pisceans are generally very selfless people. This makes you wonder how they can be manipulative, right? Well it’s because even though they are willing to help people selflessly most of the time, they are also human, and no human being in this planet can be 100% selfless all the time if there is nothing they can gain from it. So sometimes they end up playing the ‘good person’ card to manipulate you for their own benefit.

Leo is passionate and loves to take charge of all situations concerning them. Clearly, nobody can be in control of all social situations without being manipulative, right? But the good thing about a Leo is they are also upfront when it comes to owning up what they did. For example, they will tell you on your face that they want the same thing that you do and they want to get it themselves instead of giving you a chance. Leos being highly intelligent can use the veil of honesty to their benefit by manipulating you and since they are clear about their desire you can’t even know how and when you are getting played.

source: moon-child

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Raella October 25, 2018 - 8:45 pm

Is it possible for a person to show traits of two different signs? I ask because I am a Scorpio and reading this I noticed that I also have characteristics of the Leo sign in me. I will be the first to “own my shit” when I do some wrong. And I’ll own it even if it makes me look bad.


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