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6 Signs You are Receiving Important Cosmic Information That You Shouldn’t Ignore

by Helen
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Have you ever thought that you are maybe becoming far from what you are meant to be? Or, maybe you are following a path that goes against the Universe? No matter what, the truth is that we are constantly in contact with information.

For instance, when we go outside, the body receives the information that the environment sends and reacts properly.  This is why we sweat when it is hot and shiver when it is cold.  These are only two examples of the everyday interactions and the way we react accordingly with our surroundings.

But, are there any missing pieces of information? Are there any hidden signs that the Cosmos is sending you should pay attention to? Read on to find out!

1. Suddenly, a light bulb moment

Has it ever happened to you to experience a light bulb moment and be struck with an idea out of the blue, whether while you are cooking, talking to a friend, or listening to music? It is during these moments when you get direct information from the Universe as you are doing something you love. Simply put, the Universe wants to let you know that you are on the right tract.

2. Dreams

Dreams can be quite weird and unexplainable, as they are often filled with characters and places you have never met or seen before. As a matter of fact, dreams are your unconscious mind and the reality you perceive.
Just because your eyes are closed, doesn’t mean that you are not getting the information the Universe is sending you. Cosmic information comes in various forms and dreaming is one of them, often revealing something very important.

3. A Signal that Registers

A random conversation points you in the direction that you haven’t considered earlier. Listening a song helps you feel you are more present. A movie you randomly picked answers a problem you have been trying to solve for a long time.
This is the Cosmos calling out to you. It is pointing you to the right direction and showing you the things you should do. This is not a coincidence; it is real and definitely worth listening to.

4. An idea that just won’t quit

Has it ever happened to you to get struck with an idea that doesn’t seem to go away and keeps coming, whether you are talking to someone or preparing to go to sleep? Maybe it is about a distant place or about Death. No matter what the idea is, the Universe actually wants you to explore it and follow the signs that keep coming up.

5. Numbers, Shapes, and Letters

Patterns are designed to helps us see into ourselves, whether is the same sequence of numbers you have played on the Lotto or the circle or triangle you have seen in everything since forever. These patterns may be sacred, guiding you in life. No matter how hard you try to ignore them, they keep coming back.

6. Emotional Surges

While set of emotions that don’t fit at the given moment seem overwhelming, they are definitely worth a second look. They are pointing you to a certain direction in the form of questions you need to ask yourself. We are born intuitive and need to keep exploring what is going on beneath.

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