8 Signs That You Are On The Poison Path In Life

Wouldn’t it be great if the universe put up a huge sign, maybe in yellow neon lights, right in front of us when we are making the wrong decisions in life? Something like, “You’re going to regret that!”, or something to that effect?

Since we are obviously not going to get these types of signs, we have to look very carefully to find the small signs in life that we are doing something wrong. If you continue to do these things, you are poisoning yourself.

Hence, why it’s called The Poison Path.

If you pay close attention to the way you feel, you will be able to figure out if you are about to make a bad decision even before you make it. Ready to learn how? Here are eight different ways to realize you are headed towards the poison path.

1. What Is Your First Thought?

Your subconscious is smart- it is OK to rely on it. When you start thinking about the future, what emotion do you feel right off the bat? Is it a negative one? This is the universe telling you to consider what you are about to do before you actually do it.

2. Exhaustion

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