8 Signs That You Are On The Poison Path In Life

2. Exhaustion

Everyone experiences bouts of exhaustion now and again. But is it happening to you constantly? Are you feeling a deep, intense tiredness that makes it almost impossible to get out of bed more mornings than not? There is something wrong and you should look into it if this occurs. Exhaustion can be the universe telling you something!

3. Being Sick and Tired

This part goes along with being exhausted all of the time. Chronic stress and sadness can take a physical toll on the body as stress can cause the immune system to work overtime, making us ill and unable to fight off infections. This means that yes, you CAN be “sick and tired” of a career or job you hate!

4. Always Unhappy

You don’t owe it to anyone to be happy all of the time. But if you find yourself constantly miserable and sad, it may be time to look at your life and where it is going. You may want to look for professional help or make different choices.

5. Caring What Others Think

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