8 Signs That You Are On The Poison Path In Life

5. Caring What Others Think

We all care about what others think, to some extent- that’s perfectly normal. But when you start making major decisions based on the opinions of others, such as the type of house you purchase or the partner you choose, you’ll more than likely end up unhappy with your choice in the long run.

6. Safety First

Are you always making the “right” and “safe” choice when deciding what to do? It’s really ok to make a decision based on your heart and not the most logical plan of action. Not only that, safe decisions don’t always work out anyway, so don’t be afraid to do something out of the box or unusual. You’ll find out just how satisfying it can be!

7. Being Defensive

Are you constantly defending your decisions to the people around you? This could be a sign you are miserable with your choices because they aren’t the right ones. However, sometimes you may just be around judgmental people, so take your time and examine whether or not the choices you are defending are indeed the right ones.

8. Lying

Do you have to lie to yourself and others about the important things in life? If the answer is yes, this is a major red flag. This means that you are either unhappy with the things in your life or you don’t trust your circle of friends.


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