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Archangel Card Reading Just For You: Choose A Card For A Message From Your Angels /2019.01.05/

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Allow your mind to calm and when you are ready ask the guides who wants to come support you this week, then pick the card or cards that resonate for you.

Did you remember to pick?

Card No 1 : FIVE of GABRIEL

You have what it takes to solve this puzzle! You may not have all the time pieces just yet, but working with others and finding compromise is the way to come to a peaceful resolution. Some of the interpersonal conflicts and challenges that you’re experiencing may very well be reflections of struggles you’re having within yourself. Stand back and take a look at the big picture. Listen carefully to other people’s viewpoints. When you draw this card, it’s a recommendation to withdraw from the drama of others if you can do so gracefully. Healthy competition can make you stronger and be very fulfilling. Keep your intentions positive and your ethics of the highest caliber.
Additional meanings of this card: Multiple situations vying for your attention. Dramatic people. Petty quarrels. Sporting events.

Card No 2: PAGE of MICHAEL

#Situations: An exciting new challenge is coming! Life brings you something unexpected, but don’t worry —-you have what it takes to proceed successfully. Your intelect and ability to discern the truth are the only tools you’ll need. Don’t hesitate to do research or ask for assistance from those with the right expertise. Business or legal contracts will need thorough reviews.
#People : A student of life who is continually something new. Someone who relies on logoc and reason to make his or her decisions. Truthful. Balanced. Insightful. Sometimes unpredictable.
Additional meanings of this card: Communicating your plans. Important documents. A temporary delay.

Card No 3: SIX of RAPHAEL

Oh, what a lovely memory! Experiences from your distant past or childhood come flooding back in order to help you with the present. Old friends or Romantic partners may resurface. New people you meet become instant, close friends due to pastlife connections. Previous relationships or friendships may be rekindled. Deep-rooted issues that hold you back push to be resolved. Be careful not to romanticize the past but to see it clearly and objectively.
Additional meanings of this card: Issues involving children. Nostalgia. Embracing your inner child. Innocence.

Card No 4: QUEEN of ARIEL

#Situations: Nurture yourself and those you love! There is a need for quality time with the people you care about the most. Practical and wise advice should be freely offered or accepted. You may see the truth clearly when those around you don’t. You excel at taking care of others, but don’t forget to take care of yourself! You have the gift of being able to make anything more beautiful.
#People : A person who is giving and generous. Someone who always knows the right thing to do it and helps out happily. An admirer of luxurious items. Mature. Practical. Warm. Kind.
Additiinal meanings of this card : The balance between function and beauty. A big heart. A talented gardener.

Stay Positive
Blessed Be
Divine Angels 1111🧚‍♀💫

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