Everything Is Energy And We Control It With The Power Of Our Thoughts

By Conscious Reminder

The Nobel Prize awardees in physics, beyond doubt, proved that the physical world is one big ocean of energy that materializes and dematerializes in a split second, over and over again. Nothing is solid. This is the world of quantum physics.

They proved that thoughts are responsible for holding this ever changing energy field together in the form and shape of the objects we know.

So why do we see a person, instead of flashing clusters of energy?

Think of a film roll. A film is a collection of about 24 frames per second. Each frame is separated from the other by a small space. Compared to the speed these frames change with, our eyes are tricked and see them as a continual film.

Think about television. The cathode tube is a simple tube with a bunch of electrons hitting the screen in a certain way, making an illusion of shape and movement.

Anyway, this is how all objects are made.

We have five physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste). Each of these senses has a specific range (for an example, a dog hears a different range of sound than people do; snakes see a different spectrum of light than us, and so on). In other words, our senses perceive energy from a certain fixed point of view and that’s how they create images and form our perception.

But that’s neither exact nor complete. That’s just an INTERPRETATION.

All our interpretations are based exclusively on our “inner map” of reality, but not the real truth. Our “map” is the result of the collective experience of our personal lives.

Our thoughts are associated with this invisible energy and they determine what form it will take. They can literally change the universe “particle after particle”, creating our 3D life.

Look around you.

Everything you see in our physical world began as an idea which kept growing until it materialized into a physical object through a series of steps.

You literally turn into your most frequent thoughts.

Your life has become what you imagined and believed in.

The world is literally your mirror, allows you to experience everything you believe to be the truth in this 3D plane … until you change it.

Quantum physics tells us that the world is not a constant as it may appear to be. Instead, it is a place of a constant motion which our individual and collective thoughts keep building, tearing down, and rebuilding. It’s a perpetuum mobile.

What we believe to be true is actually an illusion, almost magic.

Fortunately, we started to expose the illusion and, most importantly, we are learning how to change it.

Here’s a simple explanation.

What are the components of our body?

The human body is comprised of nine systems, including the circulatory, digestive, endocrine, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal and urinary system.

  1. What makes these systems?

-Tissues and organs.

  1. What are tissues and organs made of?


  1. What makes the cells?

– Molecules.

  1. What makes a molecule?

– Atoms.

  1. What makes an atom?

 Sub-atomic particles.

  1. What makes a subatomic particle?


We are just an energy light in its most beautiful and intelligent configuration. An energy which is constantly changing under the surface and all of that it’s controlled by our powerful mind.

You are one big and powerful human being.

If you could see under a strong electronic microscope and do other experiments on it, you would see that you are made up of clusters of forever changing energy in the shape of electrons, neutrons, photons and other sub-atomic particles.

So is everything else around you. Quantum physics tells us that the act of observing the object is the one that causes the object to be there.

The object does not exist independently of its observer! So, as you can see, during observation, your attention is focused on something and your intention literally creates that thing.

That is scientifically proven.

Your world is consisted of soul, mind and body.

Each of these three has a function that is unique. What you can see with your own eyes and experience with your own body is the physical world, which we call the BODY. The body is an effect created by a cause.

That cause is called THOUGHT.

The body cannot produce. It can only experience and be experienced … it’s a unique ability. On the other hand, the thought cannot experience … it can make, create and interpret. It needs a world of relativity (the physical world, Body) to be experienced.

The soul is everything, the one that gives life thought and body.

The body has no power to create, although it gives the illusion that it does. This illusion is the reason behind so many frustrations. The body is a pure effect and has no power to cause or create.

The key is to use this information to see the Universe in a different way than we see it now so that we can manifest what we really want.

10 Strange Behaviours Of An Authentic Empath

You have discovered you might be an empath and want to know the exact signs – it is not all bad you know! Once you learn the tricks of psychic protection, you will find it much easier to navigate this world without being energetically punched down all the time.

1. You Take On Other People’s Energy

You really can’t help it. This is the key trait of the empath. You feel someone else’s energy and emotions, then begin to vibrate to the same emotion. If another is crying, you can start to tear up. Someone is angry – you can feel this anger literally burn your aura. Someone is negative and fearful – you sink low with them, and it seems you can’t help it! Sound familiar? The good news is that once you become consciously aware that this isn’t normal (the non-empaths do none of these things) then you are halfway towards finding a solution to this. Who wants to be vibrating to other people’s emotions all day? Its exhausting.

2. High Natural Intuition

You have intuition in spades, but doesn’t everyone? Actually no, as an empath you have unique skills that others don’t seem to have. Being an empath is a bit like being clairsentient, except that clairsentients sense things without ‘catching’ the emotion. As an empath, like a clairsentient, you feel things psychically. You know what others are feeling just by looking at them. You chat to them and you can know their intentions without hearing it from their lips. You understand how they are thinking, as if they were an extension of yourself. It is easy. You know what you know. Your intuition fires on all cylinders.

3. People Drain You Easily

7 Fundamental Spiritual Truths That Will Help You Break Out of Your Spiritual Prison

There are moments in everyone’s spiritual journey when we feel stuck. We awaken to universal truths about our existence and then, all of a sudden, it’s like we cannot rise higher.

We become depressed and even bitter as time goes on. We lose that feeling of wonder we walked with. A part of us thinks that we have reached our spiritual limits.

But, of course, that’s just an illusion.

The reason we feel stuck is because we become too attached to a particular ideology and forget fundamental truths.

The solution to becoming unstuck is reminding ourselves of these fundamental spiritual truths.

Instead of retreating back, we need to face these truths head on and break through the spiritual blockage.

7 Fundamental Spiritual Truths:

1. There is no right way to spirituality.

The world is a spiritual portal where you carve your own path, using the unique gifts given only to you, to get to the truth that unites us all.

Just because someone applied certain methods to walk their spiritual path, does not guarantee the same will work for you.

Because we are all different as individuals, so is our spiritual journey.

Other people only serve as role models and inspiration. A wide array of methods, ideologies, techniques and adventures are waiting to be explored.

Don’t be afraid to forge your own path using a method you will create for yourself.

There is no right or wrong way. This means that whenever you feel stuck you can always change your way.

There are countless adventures you can embark on and each one will teach you something different.

2. There are no limits to spirituality.

If you feel like you’ve reached the limits to spirituality, like you know all there is to know, you get the biggest concepts of this world and everything fits in those, you miss the point.

Everything and nothing, good and evil, right and wrong, small and big, higher and lower, less and more, future and past, beginning and end… all those things are perception lenses created by the human mind to better understand the reality it exists in.

But by creating those lenses it limits itself to exist only in a reality it can understand. The truth is, there are no limits to the real reality, there are limits only in our mind.

Spirituality means freeing yourself of those limits to get a glimpse beyond the reality your mind can understand because that’s how you grow.

So if you feel like you’ve reached the limits of spirituality you have actually reached the limits of your own perception. You need to open your mind, just like when you began your awakening.

3. There’s no need to destroy yourself just to find higher consciousness.

You don’t need to destroy yourself in exchange of higher consciousness. You don’t need to cut away parts of your personality or suppress other parts that you do not like.

In fact, you need to find a way how to unite all those parts through your essence. You need to find yourself in all those parts. You need to heal to wholeness.

You don’t need to take psychedelics or other substances. You don’t need to consume anything to reach higher consciousness.

We are all naturally able to raise our consciousness, without any external factor.

For some people looking in the eyes of their loved one for a prolonged period of time can create a psychedelic experience where they find divinity.

Meditation, healthy and natural lifestyle, play, exploration of your inner and outer world, following your passions… all those things can induce higher consciousness.

In fact, awakening in such manner is always more stable than being forced by some other factor.

4. Reality isn’t fixed.

One essential element of quantum physics is ‘Probability is all we ever know.’ It further states, reality changes when it is observed or measured.

Whatever your perception of reality is, it never defines you. So, let go of worries.

You might as well let go of your “spirituality” to be fully spiritual.

5. Spirituality does not guarantee an easy life.

A spiritual path isn’t a path bereft of turmoil or struggles. In fact, it is full of difficulties and hardships, and doubts, and confusions, you name them all.

Spirituality is all about transcendence. The more you’re able to successfully overcome these things, the more you are strengthened spiritually.

If you feel like you are stuck or you’ve reached the limits of your spirituality, try doing something that you are afraid of.

You have most likely created a comfort zone that you do not like to escape and you think what’s in there is all there is so you don’t have to face your fears.

To grow spiritually means you have to face your monsters regularly, and sometimes those monsters look like fences that keep you safe from the outer world.

6. Spirituality doesn’t mean that you need to please everyone.

Kindness, compassion and gentleness are things we associate with spiritually awakened people.

But they do not practice these things to awaken, they practice these things because when you grow enough spiritually to realize where you are, you naturally want to be kind, gentle and compassionate.

However, it does not mean that that’s all you are.

Everyone gets angry from time to time. Sometimes showing compassion is not helping anybody. And gentleness does not open all the doors all the time.

Even though you acquire a different perception through your spirituality you need to use its gifts intelligently or, otherwise, you are not helping anyone.

Either you are not true to yourself or you try to look good for others. In both cases you abuse those gifts.

This is one inner battle you need to overcome. Don’t ever think that you’re being unkind when you don’t please everyone.

As a spiritual person, you clearly see things as they are. When pleasing anyone isn’t good for them, don’t do it even if it makes them hate you.

Look at this situation as a place where you need to operate out of love and compassion. Sooner or later, they’ll come to see what you mean.

After all, spirituality is about being more true to yourself. And if sometimes that means being angry, than be angry.

7. It’s not about spirituality.

The spiritual journey is not about spirituality.

The meaning of life is not about becoming more spiritual.

The purpose of it all is to bring you closer to your truth so you can live your life the way you want to.

After all, spirituality is just one segment of your life. There are a lot more things that you can do and explore. There are books you can read, passions you can follow, movies you can watch, people you can meet, stories you can hear, music you can listen to…

Do not put priority only on spirituality just because it gives you an escape from the world around you.

Everything has meaning, and thinking that something is meaningless just because you are spiritually evolved is the same as discrediting anything spiritual just because you evolved eyes to see the material world.

The physical world is infinitely big. It’s neither less nor more important than the spiritual. Both of them are equally important. They are entangled and connected with each other. Discrediting one is discrediting the essence of the other.

So if you ever feel stuck in your spiritual journey try doing something you find meaningless. Try to understand why others might like that thing.

By exploring the material world you will find ways to grow spiritually that you could have never imagined.


Source: lifecoachcode

9 Reminders Every Mystic, Shaman, And Healer Must Know

9 Reminders Every Mystic, Shaman, And Healer Must Know

The mystics, shamans, and healers are exceptional beings called to help in the evolution of humanity. As such, their journey is different from any ordinary human beings.

They often face challenges and darkest moments that are necessary for their spiritual journey.

If you feel you’re one of them, there are things you should always be wary of to prevent yourself from getting off course.

Every Mystic, Shaman, And Healer Must Be Reminded Of These 9 Things:reminders-every-mystic-shaman-and-healer-must-know

1. Your mission is to help others align their vibration with the Earth.

Being a healer doesn’t mean you’re here to heal humanity of their physical condition and illnesses. You’re here to help humans align their vibration with the Earth and the cosmic energies.

These are necessary for the evolution of mankind. Even children can help their parents to stay present.

2. You can be perfectly okay despite the chaos around you.

The world may be in chaos but as long as you’re able to maintain yourself in a state of complete health and inner harmony, you will not be affected by the negative things around you.

However, if you’re still struggling with your own transformation process, you may be faced with hardship and pains.

3. The concept of your spiritual path has changed.

Along your spiritual journey, you will come to a state of being. In this state, you suddenly hit a bumpy road that tells you you’re not going anywhere because you are already there.

You are in the here and now moment. And you have entered into a space of existence where time is no longer linear.

4. You create something new.

Being in the now moment means you’re creating something new. What comes up may be beautiful at times, yet terrifying at other times.

But if you create something from the heart, out of a deep love and gratitude, with the purest of your intentions, you become well balanced and in harmony with yourself.

This leads to the materialization of something at a soul level.

5. You live in your own reality.

As you live in your own truth and your own reality, the people around you may live in their own reality too. At some point, your vibration doesn’t match, which may lead to letting go.

A void may be created, but someone may come to fill that void, someone whose vibration matches with yours. And they’re the very people who support your growth and evolution.

6. You will learn from the Earth.

You let go of what no longer serves you and crave to know more about the Earth. You seek the nourishment and cleansing that the Earth can provide you.

You will learn and grow by knowing yourself more and to where you come from.

7. You learn and think with the heart.

Love will be your focus. You may speak less but act more out of love. You send messages to others from the energy of your heart center.

8. You show empathy and love for others.

Whether they be strangers or people close to you, you communicate with them out of your deep love. And this love could be infectious that the more you share it, the more others will pass it on.

9. You should be aware of where your energy goes.

A vertical energy flow connects the Earth and the Cosmos while a horizontal energy flow connects the astral planes where the negative thoughts can be formed, including the energy and feelings of people.

Toxic thoughts and feelings may cause diseases in humans, which make them unfit for the new paradigm. Hence, the process of their evolution may be lengthened.

But as they continue to evolve, their spirits may find its proper alignment at the right time.

source: lifecoachcode.

11 Signs You Might Be An Angel In Training

by Kaya and Christiane Muller

Angel in Training Sign #1 – You’re thirsty for new knowledge and you feel different from others.

Angel in Training Sign #2 – You are deeply convinced that Life has a more profound meaning than just living an ordinary life.

Angel in Training Sign #3 – One day, you feel good, you sense Life and Light… and the next, and you are sad and have no energy.Angel in Training Sign #4 – While your friends live in matter without asking themselves any questions, you wonder, “Who is happier, them or me?”

Angel in Training Sign #5 – You want to be right and just, you are intense…sometimes too much, sometimes not enough.

Angel in Training Sign #6 – You feel discrepancies; you always think it is your fault, or the fault of others, and you don’t understand why you feel like this.

Angel in Training Sign #7 – You can foresee certain events before they happen.

Angel in Training Sign #8 – You can feel disillusioned by things that happened in the world or in your life, and nothing provides you a sense of fulfillment in your daily life.

11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated Many Times

by Aletheia Luna

We observe the principles of reincarnation everywhere in life:  the cycles of nature, day and night, the cyclic motion of the sun, earth, moon and solar system.  We also see the principles of reincarnation reflected around us each day: a plant grows, dies and releases its seeds.  Its seeds burrow into the earth, begin to sprout, and new life is reborn once again.

Reincarnation, or the rebirth of energy, or life, occurs all around us in different shapes and forms every day.  Perhaps this is why to many of us reincarnation is something intuitive, something that resonates the very nature, the very essence of life.  We also see that our lives, and everything around us, follows a fundamental pattern; that of change, growth, transformation and evolution.  We see that all of life goes through a maturing process at different rates and different velocities.  Thus to many of us, the maturation process of the soul through the process of reincarnation sounds just as instinctively and fundamentally correct as any other maturing process in life.

Not only that, but some of us have experienced extraordinary feelings, memories and sensations that point to the legitimacy of such a mysterious experience.  We will be exploring many different signs that you might have touched the “other side” in this article.

Past Lives and ‘Your’ Soul
The doctrine of metempsychosis is, above all, neither absurd nor useless … It is not more surprising to be born twice than once; everything in nature is resurrection.  – Voltaire

Known also as “metempsychosis” and “transmigration”, Reincarnation and the concept of past lives has existed for thousands of years, spanning back to the ancient Celtic, Greek, Asian and Indian traditions.  These days, about 51% of the world’s population believe in some form of an afterlife, with about 7% believing that we are ultimately reincarnated.

One of the most intrinsic beliefs of reincarnation is that most of us have lived many lives before, and sometimes we can actually remember these past lives.  These past lives and past ‘selves’ we tend to identify with as extensions of ourselves and our egos.

However, as Sol elaborated in a previous article:

Reincarnation of an ‘individual self’ is only as possible to the extent of believing that your sense of ‘self’ – your ego – is real.  Two identities who are dwelling within two different physical bodies in the present, or in the past, will be two very distinct personalities.  In truth, the ‘I’ is a transitioning, ever-changing phenomenon.  Although our identities and senses of self are ever-changing, there is something that remains the same.  There is something within us that is constant and continuous and that is pure awareness.  It is this very pure awareness which serves as the experiencer and observer of life, and it is this pure awareness that we can refer to as ‘our’ Soul … This understanding of reincarnation closely resembles that of the Buddhist idea that the continuity continues, but the individual disappears.

So although it is not necessarily “you” or “me” who has experienced reincarnation and past lives, the ever-present soulful essence within us has.

11 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated

When we understand reincarnation as the maturation process, or evolution, of soulful energy, it follows that some of us have intuitively experienced different things in our lives that reflect on the age of the energy known as our souls.  It is commonly believed that many of our personal characteristics, experiences and capabilities in this life reflect on whether we have lived before on earth.  It is thought that the more we mature, the more gifted we are in certain areas of life and the more frequently we have ‘spiritual’ experiences.

The truth is that all of us have most likely reincarnated, however some of us have gone through this cycle more than others and therefore experience many of the following characteristics:

1.  Recurring Dreams

Dreams are reflections of the unconscious mind, and while repetitive dreams may sometimes signify trauma, fear or issues that your brain is trying to process (“unfinished business”), repetitive dreams can also potentially be reflections of past life experiences.  Many people claim to have experienced certain events, seen particular people or gone to specific places frequently in their dreams that feel very familiar, and somehow recognizable.  For example, I often have recurring dreams of a 15th century castle that I have a distinct feeling of knowing very well, yet I have never seen or been to this castle before in waking life.


 2.  Out-of-place Memories

There are many recorded instances of young children who have out-of-place memories that later prove to be oddly accurate in detail.  While out-of-place memories could be due to simple fantasies, misunderstandings or an incongruency in the ability to remember, there is mounting evidence that suggests out-of-place memories could reveal connections to past lives.

3.  You Have a Strong Intuition

Intuition is the ability to balance the conscious and unconscious mind and to tap into our deeper wellsprings of primal wisdom and innate knowledge.  It is said that the more we soulfully mature, the more we are closer to returning to the ‘source’ (known also as nirvana, eternity, oneness) from which our Souls come from, and from which the collective unconscious  – a body of universal knowledge – exists.

4.  Déjà vu

We’ve all experienced déjà vu before at some point in our lives.  It’s that bizarre feeling that somehow we have already experienced or lived a moment in time before.  Often déjà vu comes spontaneously, and is triggered by smells, sounds, sights, tastes and various other sensations.  While some claim that déjà vu is a neurological dissonance, others claim that déjà vu reflects the possibility of other dimensions (i.e. parallel universes), and still others believe it is revealing of past life experience.

5.  You’re an Empath

Empaths absorb the emotions, and in some instances the physical pains, of those around them literally empathizing, or directly feeling and experiencing what others experience.  In this article about Empaths I go into greater depth about this unique breed of people.  While identifying as an Empath and absorbing the emotions of others could be seen in some instances as a psychological form of avoidance to bypass one’s own problems and pin the blame on others, in other genuine cases it can be seen as a sign of a soul that has undergone many previous reincarnations and has refined to the point of transcending the individual self and it’s problems, extending to others as well.

6.  Precognition

Also known as ‘future sight’ or ‘second sight’, precognition is the ability to obtain information about future events that isn’t usually available.  Precognition can be experienced through visions, physical sensations and feelings as well as in dreams.  While considered quasi-scientific by some, to others precognition is a very real experience and could indicate the maturation of soulful energy.

7.  Retrocognition

You probably guessed it!  Retrocognition is the opposite of the above precognition, and refers to the ability to obtain information not usually available about past events.  These past events could be in your own lifetime, or sometime in the distant past.  Of course, retrocognition unlike precognition is not easy to prove or verify, however, for those who have genuinely experienced it (and have been able to honestly verify it), this ability could also be a sign of soulful reincarnation.

8.  You Feel Older Than Your Age Reflects

Some people are perpetually “young at heart” even into their later lives, and in the same manner,  some people just seem to have been born with “Old Souls”.  The experience of feeling older than your age reflects is commonly associated with having reincarnated many times over and this is echoed in the “Soul Age” theorywhere there is a certain progression of soulful development: from Infant Souls, to Awakened Souls.  For example: if you have reincarnated few times on earth, this would be reflected in the age of your energy, and in this life you will display many primitive and child-like characteristics.  If, however, your soulful energy has reincarnated many times over, you will display many matured and wizened characteristics (such as the ones mentioned in this article).  If you feel older than your age reflects you might be a Mature or Old Soul.  You can read more about Old Souls in depth here.

9.  You Have a Great Affinity for Certain Cultures/Time Periods/Environments

It is said that having a great, unexplainable attraction for certain cultures or time periods is a kind of past life “residue” reminiscent of a certain place, culture or environment that your soul may have experienced in past lives.  For instance, you may have an inexplicable affinity to Asian culture, Celtic artifacts, or the 19th century.

10.  Unexplainable Fears or Phobias

As touched on in the last point, many believe that certain memories or experiences can pass on or leave “residues” in our childhoods and adulthood’s from past lives.  Whether this is true, or is simply a form of problem bypassing, many believe that we can experience the echoes of past traumas in our own lifetimes in the form of unexplainable fears and phobias.  Examples can include:  the fear of drowning, the fear of certain types of animals, the fear of certain places, the fear of particular numbers, colors, objects, and so forth.

11.  You Feel as Though this Earth Is Not Your Home

The yearning to find your ‘home’ can be seen as a reflection of the desire to return back to the source (oneness, consciousness, divinity).  Many people feel this yearning to be reminiscent of an athlete running a long race and longing to reach the ‘finish line’.  In the same manner, Souls that have reincarnated many times over express this basic need for finally completing the cycle and returning home.  Feeling that this earth is not your home is often accompanied by chronic feelings of tiredness and wariness for life on earth.

Could you relate to any of these signs?  Do you have any of your own to share?  I hope, if anything, this article could offer you another doorway of explanation for what you experience in life.  Reincarnation is a mysterious topic, and I’d love if you could share your own experiences with past lives below.

The 5 Levels Of Awakening, From Mindless Slavery To Complete Freedom!

The 5 Levels Of Awakening, From Mindless Slavery To Complete Freedom!

It is safe to say that awakening is a progression from darkness to light, from restrictions on liberty. You may consciously choose this path, or some sudden incident may propel you on it, but once you’ve taken up this journey, there’s no turning back.

Undoubtedly, the path to awakening is one full of ups-and-downs. However, once you’ve reached the end of the road, you’ll perceive the beauty of the world with a new expanse of mind and clarity of vision.

There are five stages in the awakening process, and each stage holds equal importance. When you’re familiar with each stage, you’ll be able to reach the goal with more confidence and less obstruction.

This article is only to be treated as a guideline, because there’s simply no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to awakening.

The 5 Main Levels Of Awakening

1. The Stage of the False-Self

An awareness of the Other.

In stage 1 we are asleep. We don’t even know who we are. We keep on following the rules of societal institutions rather than questioning them. We try to fit in, and in the case of failure, play the role of the victim.

The ego is the ruler of this stage, and our self-worth is conditioned accordingly. In this stage, our happiness depends on the external factors, and in turn, we try to gain control of our lives and chase external factors to be happy.

We let our emotions overpower us. They shape our thoughts and beliefs and prevent us from experiencing the reality as it is. However, at this stage, there’s a subtle anguish, a “flash feeling” that makes us doubt our own perception. It’s a sense that something is not quite right, that something is wrong with the world.

2. The Stage of Questioning

The beginning of a doubt.

The second stage is marked by a growing sense of disillusionment in our lives. We begin to question the norms and beliefs of the society. We know that something is wrong with established religious and moral values, and they are no longer able to give us satisfying answers.

Even if we can’t reject our projected identities altogether at this stage, we begin to question the roles we have to play. We feel lost and betrayed, and blame family, government and other institutions for our misfortune. We may move from victim to survivor at this stage.

And yet we can’t let go of the limiting beliefs, they keep us confined a little longer. We may still seek approval, not knowing what else to do. But this is the beginning of the breakdown of ego, and the journey inward will shortly begin.

3. The Stage of Introspection

The beginning of conscious transformation.

In stage 3 of Awakening, we retreat from our external world to seek answers within ourselves. We separate ourselves from the collective consciousness, and a process of rejection of established social and institutional values slowly wakes us up to this reality.

As we let go, we have mixed feelings. We feel bad about previously having such a wrong perspective of the world, and relieved because we know how to make it right. This is a stage marked by immense emotional tumult as we let go of our families, jobs, relationships, and the past. We try to awaken everybody we care about around us.

However, most people around us will not wake up this easily, and we feel more lost than ever in this ignorant world. Not knowing where to go, you may still feel the need to fit in, but you can’t simply forget what you have known, so undoing is not an option. This stage is perhaps the longest in the quest of awakening, as it marks the gradual emergence of the real self.

4. The Stage of Resolution

The experience of spiritual awakening in everyday life.

Stage 4 is marked by a release of all negative energy from the self and an experience of sublime peace in your everyday life. The struggle, the doubt and the loneliness of the three earlier stages seem to transform into a sense of connection and faith in a higher power.

You have mastered the craft of letting go, and your anxieties are replaced by an inner harmony that drives you now. You have forgiven everyone, and everything and everyone makes sense somehow.

The unconscious has been taken over by a conscious programming, a light which will guide you. Emotions no longer rule you, and even if you feel alone, there’s an inner peace that makes you feel connected with everyone. You may feel elevated and euphoric, and the integration of a higher self into your body will give way to a sense of ecstasy.

5. The Stage of Conscious Creation

The ability to consciously create one’s life.

Most people tend to mistake the fourth stage to be the final one, but there’s, in fact, one more stage, an even greater experience towards spiritual awakening. In stage five, you not only deepen the connections you experienced in the previous stage but also tap into a whole new realm of spiritual growth, that of the creator.

You are no longer governed by bad faith, and you know that you can be whatever you’ll choose to be. You are guided by inspiration and not emotion, and obligatory tasks seem pointless.

An intuitive connection with the Divine Intelligence prompts you to create for the betterment of this civilization. You tend to live in the present and hold the power to construct the life desired. You become the conscious creator of your life and have complete freedom. This, in fact, is the purpose of awakening, gaining a complete freedom.
You are your own creation, you were meant to be wherever you are now. And you’ll go wherever you wish.

Source: https://wakeup-world.com/

Each Person Has 4 Kinds Of Soul Mates. Here’s How To Recognize Them

“A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

You find a soul mate, or a spiritual partner, when you least expect it. Soul mates are the people who mirror you, make you aware of your repetitive patterns, and propel you forward on your journey. Being more aware of the different types of soul mate relationships you’ll encounter in life can help us take advantage of those opportunities and develop deeper connections.

Below are four types of soul mates I’ve identified:

1. Healing Soul Mates

These are friends who arrive with intention and provide you with life lessons that clear blocks from your past by mirroring you. Healing soul mates show up by divine timing — exactly when we most need to learn what they have to teach.These friends help us learn how to move forward. A healing friendship exists only as long as your purposes are aligned.

How Do You Recognize One?

When the relationship or friendship escalates fast. This type of friend usually shows up when you are dealing with repetitive patterns and attempting to work through old issues.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

Know up front that this friendship might not last. Like all relationships, it only works if the two of you can respect each other’s need for space and come together with understanding at other times. The intense bond can be redolent of a sibling or romantic relationship.The friendship may have lots of ups and downs, but if you can take the good with the bad, this type of relationship will be very fruitful.

2. Past-Life Soul Mates

Because these people might have been a lover or soul mate in a past life, the relationships feel easy and comfortable. The connection is instant. You might feel like you will be friends forever — no matter how much time passes or how far apart you are geographically — and you’re probably right. This friendship will likely last for a lifetime because you will never want to run or hide from these friends.
These relationships can be carefree, but they also shape us. They teach us to trust and believe in ourselves. In this dynamic, both people feel comfortable telling each other anything. Nothing is off limits. You are accepted for who you are.
These are the friends who help you grow into the person you’re meant to be, and have the special ability to propel you toward your destiny without pain or suffering. Often, we try to turn these relationships romantic, but it is usually impossible. There’s a lack of physical attraction or a desire to sustain and protect your friendship.

How Do You Recognize One?

You meet this type of person when you’re truly being yourself. Past-life soul mates appear when you’re in your element and you don’t hold anything back. They always have your best interests at heart and will stop at nothing when asked to help you accomplish your dreams. This type of friendship will last a lifetime.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

Stay connected. Check in by email or phone, just to say you’re thinking of them. These people come in and out of your life when you need to be directed, and they always bring love and fun. They help bring you back to your inner desires and reconnect you with your abilities. They are crucial in shaping you into the best person you can be.

3. Karmic Soul Mates

These people, too, are connected to you through a past life. These connections are deep and karmic, and often painful, as they involve ego struggles. Ego pain must be endured, because it is the point. Working through the relationship and learning to overcome suffering is often the only resolution.

How Do You Recognize One?

Karmic soul mates have a twinlike connection. In times of intense emotion, you actually feel what they feel. Often, these mates have been reincarnated and are reliving some karma to break a negative cycle.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

Be aware of the energy you emit, and do your best to remove your ego. If you focus on the positive aspects of the relationship, you will draw positivity from this person. Remove your ego by focusing on what is best for the both of you. Do your best to give unconditional love and understanding to your partner. Unconditional kindness will make your soul mate feel at ease.

4. Twin Flames

Twin flames work together to overcome emotional and spiritual barriers. They can talk for hours without running out of things to say. They think alike, finish each other’s sentences, and naturally do things as a pair. This relationship transcends the ego. When you meet a twin flame, you get a sense of wholeness from the relationship. Not everyone meets their twin flame as a lover, but those who do will enjoy this relationship for the rest of their lives.

How Do You Recognize One?

You’ll feel like you have known the other person for many lifetimes, and you will rarely want to be apart. Before long, twin flames start to make collective decisions on everything.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

The most important aspect of a twin flame relationship is honesty, but relating to your twin flame feels natural and easy. You can probably easily communicate even without words. When both are completely themselves, twin flames can overcome anything. Every one of these relationships has the potential to end in heartbreak, but each one is also an opportunity to resolve and change your relationship karma. Every relationship that you learn from, and end by moving forward with love, can be marked as a success. It doesn’t have to last forever to serve its purpose.


We Don’t Meet Anyone by Accident – 5 Types of Cosmic Connections

Our Universe it’s a mysterious one, and its ways are mysterious. It’s chaotic and complex, but somehow everything seems to be in its right place.

There’s much truth in the saying that there is no such thing as coincidence. The most banal things occur in the context of some greater plan, and serve a greater purpose. And all of it is the Universe working its magic.

Life is no smooth-sailing. We all have our ups and downs, we walk roads, some more difficult than others, and all of life’s details, even the most insignificant of experiences, are heavy with meaning and value. And the Universe is accompanying us on our journey.

Throughout it, we come across people who serve different purposes to us, they teach us lesions or they walk out of our lives without leaving any trace. Some are destined to stay forever, others are not, but even those we meet briefly have crossed our path with a reason.

There are 5 types of cosmic connections that you’re likely to encounter in your life:

1.The ones meant to awake us.

There are some people that come into our lives, who bring lots of changes with them. They directly or indirectly cause them by just reminding us with their presence that, we cannot move forward in life if we don’t undertake some changes. And the Universe has its ways of working these things out.

These people will awake your latent potential that would’ve remained undiscovered, had you remained stuck.

2.Those who remind us.

Some people just stop by in our lives, only to remind us of our goals. The reason the Universe throws such people at us, is so that it can help us remain focused on our path in life.

These people remind us of who we are and what we truly want.

3.Those that help us grow.

There are those people who help us grow as persons. They accompany us and guide us on our journey through life. They might sometimes hurt us, or take us on a challenging adventure, and through this they show us the way when we lose it. They help us learn things we couldn’t possibly learn on our own.

These people tempt us in order for us to grow.

4.Those that hold space for us.

Some people are in our lives so shortly and insignificantly, we probably don’t even remember them. These are people that you meet on the subway, in the street, at a coffee house, people we make small-talk with, with which we build no further connection. Their purpose is to just hold space for us.

These are companions that support you on your journey, a type of fans of your soul, there to cheer the good in you!

5.Those that stay.

A few people will make it so far as to stick with us forever. They’re rare and difficult to find, but they’re the most valuable people to us. They’re our close friends, our family, all members of our own soul group, and perhaps even soul mates.

These people are you partners that pursue the same, or at least a similar mission as you.

When the time is just right, the Universe will send our way the one person meant for us. This person is in a group of its own, the presence of which makes us feel pleasant and secure. All you need to do is be patient while you wait for them, because they will come along sooner or later. And once you find them, they’ll stay forever.

They’re your Twin Flame and the magnetic force in your souls will guide you towards each other. All you need to do is to follow your heart!

Source: dailyoccupation

8 Strange Things Empaths Do that Only Authentic Empaths Will Understand

Empaths are unique and amazing individuals. They can do and feel things most people might never even be able to imagine.

If you are an empath then chances are you have noticed that you are not anywhere near the definition of what society has deemed ‘normal.’ There is nothing wrong with that. The only true hard past about it is that no one really understands you. You can only truly be understood by your own kind, other empaths know exactly how to spot a fellow empath.

The list below is of the most common abnormal things I have noticed that empaths do. If you are an empath then you know these things to be true. Does this sound like you?

8 Abnormal Things Empaths Do:

1. Empaths ignore their own problems.

Most people put their issues first, but an empath will never talk about things that are bothering him or her. It is hard for the empath to open up on that level. He or she also would much rather carry the burden alone than share it with someone else.

2. Empaths take on other people’s emotions.

Empaths feel everything on a much deeper level than most. They can truly identify with what a person is going through. They literally feel your pain.

3. Empaths have an extremely high level of intuition.

The empath is hard to fool, because he or she can see through just about everything. It is like they have a magic wand that waves over everyone and shows them the person’s truest intentions.

4. Empaths get overwhelmed in large crowds.

Empaths cannot handle being around so much emotion at one time. You see when surrounded by people the emotions become too much, they cannot stop themselves from absorbing their surroundings. Empaths have to be very careful.

5. Empaths get exhausted much quicker than most people.

This is because while they are being physically drained through the day they are also being emotionally drained. Empaths are usually top priority targets for energy vampires as well as narcissists. It is like they just cannot catch a break.

6. Empaths have a deep connection with animals and nature.

Empaths are at peace when they are alone in nature. They love animals and feel as if animals are pure. Chances are animals love them as well.

7. Empaths cannot change.

An empath cannot merely decide to stop caring and absorbing. It doesn’t work like that. You cannot change an empath.

8. Empaths cannot handle negative images.

When something upsetting comes across the screen the empath has to look away. He or she must prepare for things like this. Devastation and overly negative situations throw them into a fit of depression depending on the severity.

If you want to learn more about empaths check out the video below. Sure, empaths are a bit different but they sure are always there when you need them. An empath will never let you down.