The 3 Types of Telepathy, Including Soul-to-Soul Telepathy

The 3 Types of Telepathy, Including Soul-to-Soul Telepathy

Telepathy has been recognized since the 19th century, when scientists first validated two different types. These included instinctual telepathy, which is mostly feeling based, and mind-to-mind telepathy, which is largely mental-based.

However, there is a third type of telepathy, a higher type of telepathy, according to Ageless Wisdom teachings, and it’s called soul-to-soul spiritual telepathy.

Instinctual telepathy

If we had to place the different types of telepathy on a hierarchy, instinctual telepathy would lie at the bottom. This type of telepathy is widely prominent in the animal kingdom and is still considered a normal way to communicate among some indigenous cultures.

Instinctual telepathy is mostly experienced when an individual recognizes the feelings or needs of another person even though they are some distance apart. This mostly happens between people who share a strong emotional bond, like parents and children, married partners, and best friends.

Mental telepathy

Telepathy has been recognized since the 19th century, when scientists first validated two different types. These included instinctual telepathy, which is mostly feeling based, and mind-to-mind telepathy, which is largely mental-based.

However, there is a third type of telepathy, a higher type of telepathy, according to Ageless Wisdom teachings, and it’s called soul-to-soul spiritual telepathy.

This is not like trance channeling, the process of using a disembodied entity as a medium through which to communicate. Mental telepathy happens between two fully conscious people.

Spiritual telepathy

Spiritual telepathy, or soul-to-soul telepathy, is the highest form of telepathy. And it is only possible when an individual has managed to connect the mind, brain, and soul. When a person does this, they gain the ability to navigate between physical and spiritual realms. In order to build these connections, one must be adept at creative meditation.

Spiritual telepathy is widely believed to be used by ‘The Masters’ to guide the evolution of our planet. Because they cannot directly influence or control the different forms of life on Earth, they use individuals who have mastered spiritual telepathy to anchor their information and wisdom on Earth.

by Seth M.; Expanded Consciousness

8 Twin Flame Stages – Are You Experiencing This?

The love experienced between two reunited twin flames is like a wild beast.

It can’t be captured. It can’t be contained. It can’t be tamed. Instead, it burns fiercely with an unquenchable form of intensity that is both exhilarating and formidable. The love experienced between twin flames is like Holy Fire: it burns you to ashes, but it also forges you into a new creature, like a Phoenix emerging out of the dust.

Although every twin flame relationship is unique and can’t be simplified, there is a general pattern that tends to emerges in these unions. As a person who went through a twin flame fusion, I know how overwhelming (and even terrifying) such an experience can be. I would have loved to read an article on common tell-tale twin flame signs when I was going through such a disorientating experience. But back then I knew nothing of twin flames or their significance. So here I would like to provide you with what I lacked: a general map that can help to guide you and pinpoint where you are right now.

7 Major Twin Flame Stages

Twin flames are said to be beings that aid our souls in finding completion. Ancient Greek philosopher Plato first created the idea of souls “split in two” that eternally yearn to find their “other halves.” These days we still carry around this idea of “find our other half,” but unfortunately we believe that it is absolutely imperative for us to find another person to be complete. Please keep in mind that while twin flames do help us to experience unconditional love and grow immensely as people, not all of us find our twin flames, and not all of us need twin flames to feel complete.

So keeping this in mind, what are the eight major twin flame stages that you’ll likely experience in your relationship?

Stage One – Yearning for “The One”

In this preliminary stage you have spent your entire life pining for “The One” that doesn’t yet exist in your life. You have this strange sensation that someone who is perfectly molded to you is “out there” but you don’t quite know where or when they will appear in your life. Although you ache for your twin flame, you have a feeling they will appear to you at some point.

This stage is also sometimes spent “preparing” for the arrival of the twin flame on an unconscious level. In my instance, I had to learn how to love myself before I met mine. For others, this stage of preparation involves the development of self-awareness, discovery, and understanding.

Stage Two – Glimpsing “The One”

At some point, you will have a brief glimpse of your twin flame. Whether this is through a dream signal, or through a real life meeting, suddenly the Beloved can be sensed. The result is profound. Wonder, joy, anxiety and intoxication quickly ensue. For those cautious among us, a lingering sense of intense curiosity and desire to get to know the person better is the result. You don’t know what it is exactly, but this person is extremely special. Like me, you may even sense that this person will play an immensely important role in your life – even before you know them properly.

Stage Three – Falling in Love

When you fall for this person, you will fall very, very hard. You will fall harder than you have ever fallen for anyone – and the impact will knock the breath right out of you. In fact, as you get to know your twin flame better, you will fall more and more deeply in love with them. As a result, you’ll find it hard to stand with two feet on the ground. You might feel disorientated, lovesick and “unlike yourself.” You may even try to resist the attraction, but eventually you’ll accept the reality that you’re deeply and madly in love.

Stage Four – The Fairy-Tale Relationship

As both of you eventually make your feelings known and enter into a relationship, life will feel like a fairy-tale. Your relationship with them will be perfect in every possible way. It will seem as though your twin flame fulfills every single need you have and everything you ever possibly wanted. This taste of “paradise” is what the matured twin flame relationship looks like after the next few stages of turmoil.

Stage Five – Outer Turmoil and Inner Purging

In this stage there is trouble in paradise. As the ecstasy from the initial meeting period wares off, egos start to flare up. Suddenly differences in opinion, taste and personality arise, and old core wounds emerge out of the gloom. While our twin flames share and mirror our deepest needs, desires and dreams, they also tend to mirror our shadow selves. For example, if you are an emotionally repressed person, your twin flame will likely be emotionally explosive. If you tend to be arrogant, your twin flame will most likely be uncertain and quiet. In this way our twin flames challenge us, riling up our insecurities. This can be infuriating, devastating and very painful.

While all the arguing and fighting in this stage may seem disastrous, the truth is that it is necessary for our growth. Without being provoked, without seeing ourselves for who we “really” are, we live in illusion and fail to grow soulfully. But this is certainly hard to realize while you’re going through such turbulence in your relationship!

Stage Six – The Runner and Chaser

As tensions mount it is common for one partner (or sometimes both) to emotionally or physically withdraw and “run” away, and another to pursue in a game of cat and mouse. Sometimes this involves emotional shut down and silent treatments. Other times this involves physical separation and in extreme cases, the permanent termination of the relationship. In this stage, twin flames experience a trial by fire. While some relationships last and are strengthened, others crumble to pieces. As I mentioned at the start, this is all dependent on each partner’s soulful maturity. Sometimes one partner leaves for many years and then returns, only to repeat the cycle once again. The chaser, on the other hand, tends to be the more mentally and emotionally mature partner of the two, trying to sort everything out and make amends.

Stage Seven – Surrender and Dissolution

Once the shadow of your relationship has been revealed, you may experience a period of surrender. After so much anguish, distress and provocation, you both begin to open up about your wounds and insecurities. In this stage it is common to experience a lot of ego dissolution and soulful expansion. As the ego relaxes, powerful lessons are learned about the nature of oneself and the nature of the “other.” As you begin learning how to work through your differences, the maturity of your relationship deepens and thus strengthens.

Is Your Soul Tired? Here Is Why And How To Fix It


We all have times in our lives when we are feeling down and lacking inspiration.

We all have times when we are feeling chronically tired and in a desperate need of rest. But if this persists, it could be a sign that your soul is tired.

Even if you are getting the recommend 8 hours of sleep each night, if your soul is tired you are still going to wake up everyday feeling low and depleted of energy.

When your soul is tired, it is often a sign that you are living out of alignment with your purpose.

Your soul energy flows within you and when you lose connection to this flow, your energy can become weakened. Almost like that inner flame within starts to flicker out.

Most of us know when our soul is tired by the way that we feel each day, but here is another way to determine whether your soul is tired-

Rub your hands together quickly for a moment to generate and electric charge between your hands. After rubbing your hands together for about 30 seconds slowly separate your hands.

Do you feel a warmth or strong buzz coming from your hands? Keep separating your hands further and further apart until you can no longer feel the energy between them.

If you feel no energy, or if your hands stop before they reach about shoulder width,  it could very well be a sign that your energy is depleted and your soul is tired.

The top 10 things that can make your soul feel tired include:

  1. Not being true to yourself
  2. Saying yes when you really mean no
  3. Doing something that doesn’t fulfill your purpose
  4. Engaging in petty arguments or gossip
  5. Hanging around toxic people, partners or friends
  6. Negative self-talk
  7. Holding onto the past
  8. Surrounding yourself in clutter
  9. Wanting or feeling a lack
  10. Lack of self-love

All of these things can take a toll on your soul and cause you to feel out of alignment with your life and your higher purpose.

When your soul is tired for a prolonged period of time, it can also manifest as depression, a lack of motivation, a loss of psychic gifts or intuition and it can even breed addictive or obsessive behaviors.

If your soul is feeling tired, it is very important to take make some changes. The first step is to identify the root of the problem. Once you can identify the cause, you can then make changes to address it.

Here are some additional suggestions to help you fix a tired soul:

  • Recharge Your Energy Using Crystals
  • Cleanse Your Aura
  • Conduct a Spiritual Cleanse
  • Meditate
  • Get creative
  • Do something that feels good
  • Practice positive self talk and loving affirmations
  • Self Love

When your soul is tired it can be difficult to work up the energy to pull yourself out of your funk and into a place of healing, but once you start the process you will be amazed and how quickly and easily your soul will regenerate.

Your soul is very powerful, there is nothing it can’t handle, even if it is a little tired.

Guide To How The Old Soul Loves Differently

In this article we have compiled a list  of understanding an old soul better, as old souls often enjoy solitude and their relationships are very different than so called “normal” people as well.

Old souls tend to spend a lot of their time alone, and a lot of people seem to misunderstand them. When it comes to love and being in relationships, they also express their love differently, and here, we show you how.

An old soul is simply someone who is mature beyond their years as it relates to what is considered “normal” by society. They find it difficult to relate to people who are the same age as them on the grounds that their understanding and level of awareness is further developed than their counter parts. Being as such, old souls often enjoy solitude and their relationships are very different than so called “normal” people as well.

Below we’ve compiled a list for you to understand this better;


Old souls enjoy peace and tranquility, regardless of the setting. Because of this, their homes are usually very peaceful places and they enjoy spending time their as it represents more than just a home, but a type of personal church and sanctuary to them.


Old souls are not impressed by materialistic things at all. If you are looking to get them a gift, put your heart and mind into the gift rather than your wallet. A meaningful letter from the heart means more than a meaningless costly gift.


Old souls like to keep communication strong to avoid unnecessary drama and make sure both sides are happy and feel free.


Old souls are not one night stand kind of people. They prefer to connect spiritually rather than just physically and can develop an attachment rooted in loyalty, love and friendship easier than others.


Old souls understand that fairness is a two way street and prefer peace over being right. They will always be willing to compromise except in extreme cases.


An old soul understands that creativity is one of the greatest qualities of a human and to give this gift to another individual is a sign of great friendship and love. Being as such, they will always find a way to invest their creative potential in expressing their love and appreciation for you.


Old souls are extremely intuitive and observant. If something is wrong, they will be able to sense it and ask you what is on your mind. Don’t try to pretend or hide your feelings, share them and together you can figure out the problem and move on.


Old souls may come across as being pessimistic at times but they prefer to look at things as they are, rather than as most people wish they were, because they realize the only way to make progress is to first recognize the situation for what it truly is and then you can take action to make changes and achieve the vision you want to see.


Old souls love deeply and do enjoy the company of their loves ones but they also value independence and time spent alone. Respect this and never take it personally.

Difficult but worth it

It can be difficult to be with an old soul, but the intensity of their love, the depth of their understanding and their ability to think outside the box, will make it all worth it.

source: dailyoccupation

Each Person Has 4 Kinds Of Soul Mates. Here’s How To Recognize Them

“A true soul mate is probably the most important person you’ll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake. But to live with a soul mate forever? Nah. Too painful. Soul mates, they come into your life just to reveal another layer of yourself to you, and then leave.” — Elizabeth Gilbert

You find a soul mate, or a spiritual partner, when you least expect it. Soul mates are the people who mirror you, make you aware of your repetitive patterns, and propel you forward on your journey. Being more aware of the different types of soul mate relationships you’ll encounter in life can help us take advantage of those opportunities and develop deeper connections.

Below are four types of soul mates I’ve identified:

1. Healing Soul Mates

These are friends who arrive with intention and provide you with life lessons that clear blocks from your past by mirroring you. Healing soul mates show up by divine timing — exactly when we most need to learn what they have to teach.These friends help us learn how to move forward. A healing friendship exists only as long as your purposes are aligned.

How Do You Recognize One?

When the relationship or friendship escalates fast. This type of friend usually shows up when you are dealing with repetitive patterns and attempting to work through old issues.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

Know up front that this friendship might not last. Like all relationships, it only works if the two of you can respect each other’s need for space and come together with understanding at other times. The intense bond can be redolent of a sibling or romantic relationship.The friendship may have lots of ups and downs, but if you can take the good with the bad, this type of relationship will be very fruitful.

2. Past-Life Soul Mates

Because these people might have been a lover or soul mate in a past life, the relationships feel easy and comfortable. The connection is instant. You might feel like you will be friends forever — no matter how much time passes or how far apart you are geographically — and you’re probably right. This friendship will likely last for a lifetime because you will never want to run or hide from these friends.
These relationships can be carefree, but they also shape us. They teach us to trust and believe in ourselves. In this dynamic, both people feel comfortable telling each other anything. Nothing is off limits. You are accepted for who you are.
These are the friends who help you grow into the person you’re meant to be, and have the special ability to propel you toward your destiny without pain or suffering. Often, we try to turn these relationships romantic, but it is usually impossible. There’s a lack of physical attraction or a desire to sustain and protect your friendship.

How Do You Recognize One?

You meet this type of person when you’re truly being yourself. Past-life soul mates appear when you’re in your element and you don’t hold anything back. They always have your best interests at heart and will stop at nothing when asked to help you accomplish your dreams. This type of friendship will last a lifetime.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

Stay connected. Check in by email or phone, just to say you’re thinking of them. These people come in and out of your life when you need to be directed, and they always bring love and fun. They help bring you back to your inner desires and reconnect you with your abilities. They are crucial in shaping you into the best person you can be.

3. Karmic Soul Mates

These people, too, are connected to you through a past life. These connections are deep and karmic, and often painful, as they involve ego struggles. Ego pain must be endured, because it is the point. Working through the relationship and learning to overcome suffering is often the only resolution.

How Do You Recognize One?

Karmic soul mates have a twinlike connection. In times of intense emotion, you actually feel what they feel. Often, these mates have been reincarnated and are reliving some karma to break a negative cycle.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

Be aware of the energy you emit, and do your best to remove your ego. If you focus on the positive aspects of the relationship, you will draw positivity from this person. Remove your ego by focusing on what is best for the both of you. Do your best to give unconditional love and understanding to your partner. Unconditional kindness will make your soul mate feel at ease.

4. Twin Flames

Twin flames work together to overcome emotional and spiritual barriers. They can talk for hours without running out of things to say. They think alike, finish each other’s sentences, and naturally do things as a pair. This relationship transcends the ego. When you meet a twin flame, you get a sense of wholeness from the relationship. Not everyone meets their twin flame as a lover, but those who do will enjoy this relationship for the rest of their lives.

How Do You Recognize One?

You’ll feel like you have known the other person for many lifetimes, and you will rarely want to be apart. Before long, twin flames start to make collective decisions on everything.

How Do You Nurture This Relationship?

The most important aspect of a twin flame relationship is honesty, but relating to your twin flame feels natural and easy. You can probably easily communicate even without words. When both are completely themselves, twin flames can overcome anything. Every one of these relationships has the potential to end in heartbreak, but each one is also an opportunity to resolve and change your relationship karma. Every relationship that you learn from, and end by moving forward with love, can be marked as a success. It doesn’t have to last forever to serve its purpose.


Emotional Frequencies: Why Most Old Souls Are Empaths

You may or may not have heard of an Empath, an Empaths is a person who is known for their highly developed ability to sense the emotions and thoughts of the people surrounding them.

I guess then you’ve heard of all the symptoms for an Empath. Symptoms like:

1   Finding public places overwhelming.

2  Confusing other peoples emotions with your own and absorbing them like an “emotional sponge”.

3  Finding films and images of cruelty and violence unbearable.

4  Feeling other people’s physical pains.

5  You’re a great listener.

6  You suffer from fatigue.

7  You need solitude to recharge and even experience the emotions of loved ones who are far away.

Most articles can’t even come close as to answer why this occurs.

Did you know, that Empaths only account for about 5% of the worlds population, despite this they are much more mentally predominant, these people who we identify as being Old Souls and Highly Sensitive People.

To better explain, an Empath is someone who has what could be a called a ‘gift’ in being able to better understand the emotional state of another person. There is of course many kinds of empaths. Just as other gifts are used and exhibited, in many different ways, so are there different types of Empaths with certain abilities and talents.

But the most powerful Empaths are the Heyoka.

Heyoka is a Native American term ironically meaning “fool” or “sacred clown”. Which seems like an odd terminology for what we now estimate to be the most powerful type of Empath.

The translation of heyoka gives us a little clue into the true meaning that the Native Americans tried to put behind the word. In English, it would be more appropriate to describe a Heyoka Empath as someone who sees the world differently and acts in a way that is the opposite of normal.


We all have experienced some degree of empathy in our lives. However For an Empath, they struggle to distinguish their own emotions from those of other people.

Highly Sensitive People are born with a physical sensitivity, that is when their brain is overly sensitive to thoughts, activities and even stimuli of emotions.  Frequently, these Highly sensitive People end up so sensitive to quality of their state of being within their environments that they can feel the emotional changes within other people as well as themselves.  However, not all people who are Highly Sensitive are Empaths.

With these Old Souls there’s a difference; their sensitivity is not physical in relation to the brain, but in spirituality, or it is in relation to their souls.  This doesn’t mean that all Old Souls are Empaths, but it does mean that many can easily become spiritually attuned to the living energy around them.

This spiritual attune-meant experienced by the Old Soul is enhanced by their “Old” energy, that is the energy that they’ve possessed since the very creation of matter, which is the exact energy that they have been reborn with many times. The more an energy comes into consciousness and then returns back to its origins, the thinner the veil of identity between “I” and “That” is, and the more it is then purified.

As our individual egos become0 less defined, our unconscious intuitive receptors are left open to not only experience our own emotions, but the emotional vibrations or frequencies of others around us.

The closest I can get to explaining this scientifically is that somewhere within the frontal lobe of the brain, there is an area responsible for Echopraxia, which not only allows us to involuntary repeat others actions or experiences, but when activated in Empaths, can also allow for emotions of the surrounding environment to be involuntarily absorbed. Although, there aren’t enough studies conducted to determine any of these conclusively.


Being an Empath, you can be a great asset.. But only if you learn how to centre yourself, by grounding your emotions within your own being and refraining from baring the unhappiness and suffering of your entire surroundings. If you don’t learn how to centre yourself, you’ll just live like a slave to your emotions, rather than to master them.

Once you learn how to master these emotions, you won’t feel so much burden by your empathy, but instead you will be freed by it. You’ll have the ability to control when you want to feel other people’s emotions, only if you wanted, and purposefully understand them. Or you can learn when and how to tune them off, allowing you the space and clarity to act accordingly.

But first, you need to learn how to do this…


The emotions you feel will not always be from other people; they can be your own too. It’s easy to think all negative emotions are coming from other people, so in order to get things straight, try to constantly analyze whether there is something that may have caused the negative emotion you’re feeling, or not.


The emotional energies that you absorb and experience from others are usually processed through your unconscious intuitive receptors.  When you focus your mind with attention to a specific action, it forces your unconscious mind to tune out of those emotional frequencies and focus conscious attention on something else in its stead.  Examples of grounding exercises include focusing on your breathing, visualizing a protective shield around you, and/or focusing on the spot between your eyes where your “third eye” is located.


After you have grounded yourself using one of these techniques of the mind, try to leave the area where that persons energy bubble might be affecting (for example, leave for a different room or for a physically distance between yourself and others by a few meters).  This will allow you to see whether it really was that person’s emotional energy that was influencing you or not.  After that, try make some alone time for yourself to centre yourself again..

We hope you found this information useful, or at least enlightening to some degree.

This article is free and open source. You have permission to republish this article under a Creative Commons license with attribution to the author and Enlightened Consciousness. All hyperlinks within the article must remain intact.


The struggle of being an Empath

As an Empath we are constantly catering to other’s to be their strength. We feel as if it is our duty to help people in difficult times or traumatic events. Which is entirely true, there is nothing wrong with sharing your love and helping your friends and family when they are in need. There comes a time in every empaths life that we must stop doing so much for everyone on the outside and start turning inward and doing things for ourselves.

You will come to the realization that it is by no means selfish to protect your energy and align with yourself to make sure that you are serving your greatest and highest good. You will then find out who your true friends are and people that actually care for your well being. Most empaths unfortunately have “Energy Vampires” these individuals solely have a relationship with you because it is beneficial to them. They feed off of your energy, and while they are feeling uplifted, you are feeling drained. The ones the truly care want you to be the best version of yourself for you and for them. Stop compromising your happiness for someone else.

One of the most important things to master is self-love. Many empaths i have encountered always express how important it is to them to make other’s feel good and happy because it makes them feel good! Which again is true but you know you’re on your true healing path when you feel the need to turn inward and love yourself first. You will experience genuine love when you learn to love yourself and not look outside for your ultimate happiness.

It is so important to take care and connect with yourself. As empaths we some times get into little funks because we are constantly exerting our caring energy to everyone else because thats who we are. If you’re finding yourself unhappy change your patterns. Stop surrounding yourself with negative energy that lowers your vibration and start loving yourself!

We often forget to release all of the energy that we absorb from everyone and everything all day. Take time, even fifteen minutes before you go to sleep to meditate and allow yourself to connect to your higher being . I know it sounds so cliché but all of the answers you need are inside. Feel gratitude for everything in your life, including the hardships for it is giving you strength to overcome an obstacle later, on crazy path of life!


If Any Of These 15 Animals Cross Your Path, You’re Being Contacted From ‘Above’

When certain animals cross our paths they want to give a certain message.

Several Native American tribes believed that each animal held it’s own message and piece of information.

Animals are conscious, sentient beings and it is important that we treat all living creatures with the same dignity and respect that we expect.

The ancients have always regarded animals as being sacred and their behavior was often used as clues and signs at to what Mother Earth might be up to.

By watching the behaviour of animals, we can get a better understanding of the energy around us and a deeper insight into intuitive messages and signs.

Just like we have spirit guides, we also have spirit animals. Often spirit animals will come into our lives to give us a message or to teach us something about our own ability and strength.

Sometimes an animal will come into our lives for a brief period of time as a way to signal us as to something that we need to pay attention to.

Common Animal Messengers and Their Meaning


The strong hawk has keen eyes and strong wings. If you continually see hawks or images of hawks, it may be a sign that you need to look at something more closely before proceeding.

It may also be a sign that a strong or important teacher or lesson will be unfolding in your life shortly.



The eagle is a sign of spiritual protection and moving to a level of higher consciousness.

If you repeatedly see eagles or eagle imagery in your life, it could be that you are transcending or shifting into a new realm of consciousness.


Commonly considered a bad omen, seeing a crow or raven could indicate that you are ready to let go of something or that you are getting ready to enter into a “death and rebirth” cycle.

Seeing a raven or crow very rarely indicates physical death, instead it is a sign of an upcoming rebirth.



Seeing an owl is an indicator that you need to pay attention to your intuition and wisdom.

The owl also comes as a reminder to pay attention to any gut feelings that you may be receiving as they are trying to point you in the right direction.

The owl may also be a sign that you need to tune into your truth and act from a place of authenticity.


Cardinal birds have often been associated with receiving a message from a deceased father figure or a male spirit guide.

If you repeatedly see cardinals it could be a reminder that you are being loved and protected by this male, or a reminder to stay strong and confident in the path that you are walking.



Seeing a Bluejay is often associated with receiving a message from a deceased female figure or female spirit guide. If you repeatedly see BlueJays it may be  a reminder to tune into your creativity and keep your creative projects flowing.

It could also be an indication that your family needs you or that family unity is important.

Praying Mantis:

The praying mantis comes to remind us that it is time to bring peace and stillness into our lives. The praying mantis comes as a messenger to remind us about the power of stillness and creating space in our lives for the things that we enjoy doing.

Seeing a praying mantis repeatedly may also be a sign that there is a message that you need to pay attention to or something that you may be missing.


If you repeatedly see lizards or lizard imagery, it may be an indicator that you need to pay more attention to your dreams and goals. Perhaps you have lost sight of all that you can achieve or perhaps you are feeling negative about your abilities to achieve all that you desire.

Seeing a lizard is a reminder that you do have the power and that you need to spend more time cultivating your highest path.



Seeing a snake is a powerful reminder of your life force and your passions. If you repeatedly see snakes or imagery of snakes, it could be that you need to pay attention to your passions and put more energy into pursuing them.

Seeing a snake may also indicate that you are entering into a place of healing and renewal.


Spiders carry powerful symbolism about creation and spiritual connectedness. When you see spiders often it may be an indication that you need to tune into your creative potential and follow through on any ideas or inspirations that you have to create.

It may also be a sign of your connectedness to the spirit world and perhaps also indicate that spirit is trying to send you a message or reminder about this connection.


Seeing a dragonfly is a reminder that you are not alone and that you are very protected by your guardian angels and spirit guides.

If you repeatedly see dragonflies it may also indicate that you are on the right path and are heading in the right direction for your soul.


The ladybug is commonly seen as a good luck sign and indicates that things are about to shift in your favor. Seeing ladybugs or ladybug imagery repeatedly may also be a sign of your need to pay gratitude for all that you have and the direction that your life is taking.

Ladybugs may also indicate a good time for you to push forward in obtaining your highest dreams and wishes.


Butterflies come to remind you about the power of transformation and that there needs to be a shift internally before you can shift externally. If you are repeatedly seeing butterflies, it may be a sign that you need to change or release some thoughts or feelings that are holding you back.

Seeing a butterfly may also indicate a cycle of transformation or growth occurring in your life.


Repeatedly seeing a wolf or imagery of a wolf may indicate that it is time for you to pay attention to the people you are surrounding yourself with.

If you see a wolf, it is perhaps also a sign that you need to learn how to accept help from others.


Foxes comes as a reminder that there could be a different way for you to approach your life or see things. If you repeatedly see foxes or imagery of foxes, it could be that you need to adjust your thinking about something and the way you are approaching things.

Foxes may also come as a reminder to seek joy, to not take things so seriously and to laugh at the little things.

Using your intuition will be key in determining what messages a particular animal is trying to bring into your life. Use this as a guide, however if you found this page, it is most likely an indication that the message written here is for you.

SOURCE mysteriousearth

How to create a deeper spiritual connection with your partner?

What is a deeper spiritual connection with your partner?

If you have walked the path of awakening or in the process, you might have shifted from a self-fulfilling relationship; wants and needs; aligned – to a relationship that nourishes your soul, creating a deeper spiritual bond with your partner.

To develop such a relationship, you must first develop the relationship with yourself. As you begin to expand your consciousness, your consciousness about the other person expands to. From focusing on yourself, you begin to focus on the other person as well.

Let’s delve in a little deep on how to build a deeper connection with your partner –

Become the best version of you
In a relationship when you have to constantly prove yourself – the power dynamics, the control theory or being better than the other, trust me you are only losing it all to the feeling of power and there is no bond between the two of you. In a true spiritual relationship, you will understand that there is no need for power and control, you both are individuals and have all the free will to express yourselves as you want to within your relationship dynamics.

As you accept the sense of equity between the two of you, your understanding becomes better and you create a sacred space in your relationship.

Don’t let your past define you
Past hurt, baggage, wounds, relationships – this is one list we have and carry all our lives, however, we must understand that it is very important to cleanse it all for our ‘now’ to be beautiful. For any spiritual relationship to grow, both the partners have to have an open heart to accept the other in their true essence. All you have to do is heal your past hurts, forgive and move on. Have faith that all of it happened for a reason and if not for those experiences you will not be here. This said let go of your past to truly embrace your present.

Your relationship is sacred
As you are sacred to the Universe and it expands to all your surroundings, your relationship is sacred too. It is something between two individuals to build, strengthen and grow within, together. As you realise the sacredness of your union with your mate, you will understand that it all happened for a reason. Spend quality time with each other, communicate as much possible. Try and create that space for each other wherein both of you are comfortable to be who you are. Respect the fact, that you are together, be thankful and manifest abundance for self.

Intimacy is important
Intimacy is about ‘feeling’ it all to its depth and not merely for pleasure purpose. Intimacy and touch are very important aspects. On a spiritual level, exploring the physical aspects of one another strengthens your energy chords and help you build a solid foundation. These energy chords hold the intentions of two individuals, it is very important that both the parties have set their intentions right and are willing to send love and light to each other.



10 signs you have a Rare Personality

Az egyik leghíresebb teszt, amely segíti az egyéneket személyiségtípusokba csoportosítani, a “Myers-Briggs Type Indicator” (MBTI). Ezt a kérdőívet Katharine Cook Briggs és lánya, Isabel Briggs Myers tervezte. A vizsgálat a Carl Yung fogalmi elméletét nagymértékben bizonyos változtatásokkal függ össze.

A személyiségtípus meghatározása négy dichotómián alapuló önértékeléssel lehetséges:

Introversion / Extroversion
Érzékelés / Intuition
Gondolkodás / Érzés
Judging / Perceiving
Ezeknek a pároknak a kombinációja 16 lehetséges kombinációt eredményez. A legritkább közülük az INFJ, nevezetesen a Introversion – iNtuition – Feeling – Judging típusú. Az utolsó jellemző, a Judging paraméter teszi őket egyedülállóvá, mivel ezek az ellentétek a korábbi jellemzőkkel. Ez a fajta személyiség erkölcsi, kreatív és érzékeny, de kötelességtudattal is rendelkezik. Tehát nincsenek üres álmodozók, de idealizmusukat a praxisban kívánják alkalmazni. Így az empátiát egy gyakorlati elmével ötvözik. Ezért az ilyen személyiségű személyek jó tanácsadókat, tanárokat és pszichiátereket hozhatnak létre.