Choose A Card To Find Out What It’s Message Is For You

Choose a card between numbers 1 -3.

Feel which card has a message for you and then scroll down to reveal your double tarot message!

Card 1 – The Star

Peace and renewal re-emerge back into your life as this is a card of hope and healing.

You have weathered the storm, perhaps there was a drama or upsetting episode recently?

The Star is filling you with renewed inspiration, creative flow and excitement.

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day! You’re star is about to rise!

Card 2 – Strength

If you are in need of strength, know that it is with you.

If you feel that you need strength to confront a challenging situation then listen to the wisdom of this card.

Strength and power at their most powerful come from love and gentleness.

Lay your boundaries but speak with love.

Two wrongs don’t make a right.

Take the higher ground.

When you exert your power with a light touch, you achieve more.

Be the iron fist in the velvet glove!

You have the strength you need.

Card 3 – Judgment

You have come to a crossroads.

You may have seen this road in the distance but now is the time to gallop and clip clop across the divide.

A revelation is coming.

You see a situation in a totally new way and the truth sets you free.

Guess what? You probably already know what it is! You have a calling and it’s time to follow the tune of your heart.

You have come to terms with the past, know that there is a new direction beckoning.

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