Choose a Gem and Your Choice Will Reveal Your Inner Personality!

Choose a Gem and Your Choice Will Reveal Your Inner Personality!

1.You are a very humble person, calm and are aware of one’s self-worth. You think before you speak or make any decisions. Your personal achievements give you immense pride. Even though the pearl is not exactly a gemstone, it is one that comes from nature. It is a stone that is valued and admired for centuries and just like the pearl you exhibit wisdom and integrity and you do well under pressure and over time you learn from your experiences. A life changing transformation is just around the corner, so chin up!

2.Ruby Rubies are stones that have adorned the crowns of Royals centuries ago. If this was your choice, it means that wherever you go and whoever you come across, you make a difference. You are full of life and passionate about your beliefs. This stone, in particular, is seen as powerful and filled with desire for success and leadership. You have been struggling with something for a while now but don’t give up just yet because it will be over soon and you will be happy you were strong through it all.

3: Diamond You are a determined, ambitious and strong person. You have a positive effect on the people around you. You, just like the diamond, shine brightly even in the darkest and dustiest environments. When everyone else is sad or dull, you are there to lift their spirits. A diamond is the hardest occurring natural substance on earth and you are just the same. Pressure doesn’t break you and you have the strength to withstand it all. You are hardworking and honest. Something unexpected and exciting is on its way, maybe a little scary to take the risk but you won’t regret it.

4: Aquamarine You live in the moment very adventurous and are always looking at the bright side of things. Aquamarine is not just a stone, it is much more. It signifies the deep waters of the ocean and protection. You tend to care deeply for the people close to you. You have been feeling a little down lately or maybe it is the boredom that’s draining you off from your energy. Be patient, that extra dose of adrenaline that you long for will come to you sooner than you think.

5: Citrine Ohh the citrine! You are a person who is friendly, kind and affectionate with a bubbly personality that is infectious! A word that means lemon, you are fresh in your ideas and is open-minded. People admire you for that extra zing you bring to life. Youhave a very optimistic outlook on life that is hard to forget. You are a problem-solver and you come up with solutions that are fair and makes everyone happy! However, recently, a dreadful dark cloud is looming over you. Luckily your rays of sunshine are peeking through, it will only be a matter of time before the cloud vanishes!

6: Pink Tourmaline If those were your choice of stone, you are one gem of a person! You are sensitive to others feelings and a big softie. You are so sweet that you could never hurt a fly! The people around you trust you so much that they tell you their deepest secrets. You are very approachable that way. You are also very passionate about your beliefs. Research says that when the stone is was rubbed or heated, it would be electrically charged. When it concerns you it means that when people provoke you, you tend to react. And lately everything has been pushing your buttons, take deep breaths and relax, it will be over soon.

7: Amethyst If you this was your choice of stone, your life is filled with colors and rainbows and that’s your attitude too. You are intelligent and very passionate. Once you believe in something and put your mind to it, nothing can stop you. The stone is known to give a sense of balance and control. And it definitely matches with your personality because you are calm and collected. To everyone else, you are the one to go to for advice or help, you are like a protector taking care of everyone else. For a change, you go have fun and live life the way you want to.

8: Peridot You are a calm and collected person even during the most stressful situations. You pay attention to details and are very organized. Once you have set your mind to something, no one or nothing can make you think differently. And once you start to love or care, you give it your all. People find it relaxing to bask in your positive energy. The best way to describe you is that you are the light at the end of a tunnel. Remember to stop for a moment and think about yourself. Something or someone new is around the corner, a car, house, friend, anything!

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