Choose An Archangel Pic You Feel Drawn To

Choose An Archangel Pic You Feel Drawn To

Please choose an Archangel pic you feel drawn to.
Blessings 💜

A. Archangel Raphael – Brings a message of health and love.

The archangel Raphael comes to you to remind you that the secret of physical, emotional and mental health lies in not regretting the past, living without anxiety for the future and avoiding imaginary problems and connecting fully and intensely with the present moment , because this is where life happens. Your invitation for today is to free yourself from unnecessary burdens, from everything that is not healthy and from those situations that prevent you from moving forward. That is a good way to improve your life and your happiness.

B. Archangel Uriel – Brings a message of prosperity.

The Archangel Uriel comes to show you that we live in a world of abundance and if he reveals himself in your life, you must consider yourself a person worthy of abundance and all that is good. Your beliefs build your reality, accept it with your arms wide open, affirm that you deserve everything that is good and that you are prepared to receive with gratitude all that the universe and its representatives are willing to grant you.

C. Archangel Michael – Brings a message of strength and protection.

It is likely that at some point in the last few days you have felt lonely or that people fail to fully understand you. Today your archangel is here to tell you that you are never alone and that for every sadness there is a joy, for each dream a goal and for each battle a victory. Your challenge and commitment is to move forward and although sometimes we can lose the joy, we can never lose faith, because it is the means of transport to better days.

In Love , Light and Service 💜

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