Choose an Oracle card for this week [6-12 August]

I also crafted a fun guided visualisation based on sunflowers (which make me smile), if you feel so inclined, to help you really get rooted and reach for the sun.  If that doesn’t resonate for you just breathe into your body, give everything a wiggle and slow your breath down and invite your trusted wise self to have a moment to surface and ask what it is you need to know.

So are you ready?

Shall we go have a little peak?


The Universe has a sense of humour, but never at your expense.  It is laughing with you, not t you. You’ll see this for yourself as the Joker weaves her magic in your life, bringing you the grace that is beyond all reason, the necessary ingredient to ensure you win with the hand you have been dealt by life.  There’s nothing impossible when the Joker appears. Her wild ways can transform a losing streak into a lifelong love affair with lady Luck.

Strap yourself in and prepare for the ride of a lifetime.  The Joker has come to you and the Joker is wild. Unpredictable and brilliant, she brings you a message.  You are being empowered to overcome all odds. So you are going to win. No doubts, no dramas, but not necessarily in a way that you expect either!  She is sending the best possible situation to you even now. It might startle you, like a sudden light in the middle of the night, but it will be welcome nonetheless.

You probably won’t see it coming.  It will probably be in a way that subverts everything you once believed to be true.  But it will be a welcome trick by the Universe, a loving joke that opens your heart and helps you realise that this vast impersonal universe personally knows and cares for you, so intimately and with such meticulous care.  Just don’t expect to feel in control of the process, for the Joker is wild and moves according to her own genius, but always blesses you with what will work best, beyond compare, now and always.


Deep within, you know what is true and what to do (or not do).  Yet there is so much noise and distraction in the world, and even at times in our own minds, that listening for our inner wisdom can seem like trying to hear gentle birdsong in the midst of a rock concert.  Even so, you are hearing an inner truth, and deep down, you know it. Can you trust that it is safe to not only hear your inner voice but act on it too?

There is something that you know.  You’ve felt, sensed, heard or realised this truth more than once.  Even if others see or feel differently, you just know what you know, even if you don’t quite know how you know it!

Give your truths value.  Hold your feelings and insights in high enough esteem to pay attention to them, to give yourself time to process what you think, feel and sense.  Know that they’re worth acting on, even if that action just means to trust more and stop worrying. If you cannot figure out what your inner truths are, or you feel confused by conflicting thoughts and feelings, torn between head and heart, then you are in a state of information overload.  You need to switch off, discharge some excess mental and emotional energy and take a break. Give yourself some time out from the crazy noise and constant distractions of the world so you can get in touch with what is true for you.


Don’t look to what has been to find your destiny.  Your future is bright and blessed. If the pain of the past feels a little too close for comfort, White Duchess steps in to help you leave behind the emotional storms of your past and move into her protection.  A time of transition is upon you and soon your feet shall settle upon sacred ground, and calm shall prevail, inside and out.

Are you one of the many suffering in a dark and stormy inner world of post-traumatic stress?  Do you believe that because there have been struggles in your past, and perhaps at times even great pain, that this is how your future shall be too?  Or perhaps you have been striving towards a dream and it seems so long since you began that you are losing hope of ever breaking through into successful fulfilment and a new life.

Don’t look back.  Let the past be put to rest.  Whatever has haunted your dreams, whatever has caused turmoil is over.  It is not needed anymore. There is a future destiny calling to you now.  It is time to transition through into a new world, into your new life. Trust her and believe in the positive power of your future.

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