I Can Heal Water: A Star Child Speaks, Calls for Humanity to Wake Up

I received the following email about a nine-year-old from Northern Europe who speaks about her ability to ‘heal’ water through star languages. She also gives her perspective on God and her Mission: “Poor us. poor kids who come to volunteer; we have such a difficult time ahead of us, a real fight. I am here to help my family ‘wake up,’ EVERYONE is sleeping.”

Cathy’s Mother: “My nine-year-old daughter speaks ‘star languages’ to heal water. I live in Northern Europe and have four children. At the time of my first pregnancy, a ‘voice’ told me my children were not mine. They would only come through me. These children belong to no one. It wasn’t until recently that I was aware there were such things as extra-terrestrials. My nine-year-old daughter is a special girl who finds the conventional world and rules difficult. She asks me why isn’t she allowed to do things her own way. Cathy has healing abilities and dictated some healing words in an ET language to purify water. I noticed the water actually tasted different afterward. She says that star languages are from a place outside of the Universe.

Cathy receives messages in ET languages and understands what they are saying to her. She says that they are important.

I showed her your presentation, where a woman does healing and writes several ET languages. My daughter responded with joy and excitement, ‘She knows what I have written’.”

Astounding as Cathy’s claim may be, a scientist from Northern Europe is researching ways to energize water and explains how this could be possible.

Dr. Ohlson (Ph.D.) is a Swedish scientist referred to previously as coining the term letter people.. She is also studying water and its properties.

Dr. Ohlson States:

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2 thoughts on “I Can Heal Water: A Star Child Speaks, Calls for Humanity to Wake Up

  1. Jennifer

    I love this article. Cathy is a true star child. I started crying when I read part. A vision/memory came to me. We have already been in Day Land. We wanted more experiences just like she said, so we came to Earth. I just awakened more. What she said triggered me in a beautiful way. I just saw myself in Day Land. It was beautiful. I saw a unicorn. I saw a bunch of kids playing and having a lot of fun. I was sitting on the outskirts discussing with someone else, who I can not picture other than a blur at this time about how I really want to have more experiences. I said it would be fun. That is what my vision/ memory gives me for now. Most if not all of what she shares is the truth. One of the most important is that home schooling is vitally important.

  2. Janet

    thank you for sharing Cathy’s story. Everything her helpers are teling her to tell us is very true. The wake up message is coming in everywhere ,we have to wake up and see the truth now. Every thing Cathy said is true especially about the school programmed system. The religious system ,anything we are controlled by is the problem in this world. We are controlled and don’t realize it. Who going to teach the truth to you/us? Only a brave few and that’s Not to many folks because if they do a lot of other programs will shut down and we know the dark side doesn’t want that because then they start losing control. Peace and love family

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