Magical Reading for May 2018

Magical Reading for May 2018

As we head into the reading I invite you to think of one limiting belief or fear (and it doesn’t have to be huge), that if you could release it and send it on its merry way would have a positive impact on your life or business.  Ready to work with that?

The deck that was like the chatty squirrel and nattered and nattered to come share this week is The Sacred Rebels Oracle.  Remember this is the deck “for those who aren’t afraid to rattle cages, ruffle feathers and rock boats, from a place of loving service to the spiritual evolution of humanity.”  (I mean seriously if we are pondering a fear or limiting belief, how perfect is that?) The crystals that had been having a gorgeous sun bath and wanted to come support are:- Bloodstone, a gorgeous Geode and Fire Agate.

Let’s take a big glorious belly breath in and allow ourselves to just stop for a moment and just BE.  Sigh the breath out through your mouth and give your shoulders a little roll and wiggle. As you breathe in deeply really feel yourself in your body and if you feel inclined bring to mind a limiting belief or fear that you would like to release and when you feel ready.  Pick the card or cards that resonate for you and then let’s go see what you need to pay attention to this week. Enjoy!

You remembered to pick, right?

Ready to go see?


The urge to create is the same within you as it is for the universal creator.  It also has the same magical ability to draw harmony into being to find beautiful order in chaos.  This includes bringing harmony and the perfect balance of well being into your body, mind and emotions.

If you feel blocked, thwarted or contaminated by others in your quest to bring your beautiful dreams to life, you may feel that your heart is dulled, minimised or shut down.  Small mindedness can limit beauty to very narrow, physical sense. However, you can shun the social disease of superficial, narrow definitions of beauty, thumb your nose at air-brushed images and dare to love what is.  Give yourself permission to feel and be beautiful in many ways.

There is a situation in your life right now where you feel uncertain about your ability to “fix” or heal.  You may feel inhibited in your ability to bring about constructive change. However, the perfect beauty of this situation is not revealed by what you attempt to do to it, or by trying to impose on it.  There is a beauty in it and by that revelation it is healed and perfected.

In opening up to the beauty within yourself and your circumstances, you open up to change.  You can overcome resistance and denial by approaching it with a curious mind, an open heart and acknowledging the hidden beauty.  You have the power to be a positive influence in whatever situation holds the most meaning for you right now, and you need to know that.


You might have been taught that creativity is something you have to work hard to access, or that finding your life purpose is so difficult that you must search high and low for it.  Or creating a living doing what you love is impossible.

Yet what you are is within you and wants to come out at every available opportunity.  You don’t have to struggle so much. It is more about allowing space for it to manifest and to let the energy flow.  The effort is in getting out of the way, not in making something happen. As for being yourself, that is the foundation from which your life path and joy will reveal itself.  Being yourself becomes easier when you give yourself permission to love, honour and accept yourself in all circumstances, especially the ones where you might be more tempted to reject and judge.

What you are dreaming of or seek to manifest, is actually very natural for you.  That is why you want to do it. Now it is about chipping away at the walls of shame, perhaps with a defiant “Who the hell cares, I am here and I am going to love myself anyway.”  Release old emotional wounds and break away from any restraints to unconditional self-love.

What you want to write, sing, dance, create or become is you.  It is natural. Drop your defences, get into the grit and confront the power than any old shaming has had over you.  It’s finished now. It is time for you to be naked with yourself, acknowledge how gorgeous you are and get on with your work.  Life is urging you to do so, because the work wants to happen. What you want to create, wants to be created. Step firmly over any remnants of the past that have been in your way and stay on your path.


What wild unconventional voice is calling to you?  Can you hear it? It is so different so unusual, it might be hard to decipher – like hearing an unfamiliar language for the first time.  It might be hard to discern with great clarity now but there is an affinity between you and this strangely beautiful newness seeking to manifest.

There is a stirring at the deepest level within you.  Something new will break through and the process of this birth may be a shock to you.  The shock will transform into great joy and a sense of tremendous liberation, but you must bear the strangeness first.  That strangeness might be something that rattles your beliefs about yourself and your world, daring you to become more of yourself, more open to where life is leading you and more willing to be the unique sacred art being crafted by the hand of the universal creator.  This is life creating the stage upon which you will experience greater fulfilment. Don’t reject it, no matter how small or insignificant, or how powerful and life-changing it may seem to be.

You are being asked to dispense with your reliance on the past and what have been your tools to navigate life.  You have outgrown your old methods. You will have to fly by the seat of your pants, so to speak, as you experiment with new ways to be.  Life will show you the way.

Source: jennyheston

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