Morgan Freeman’s Powerful Message To All Starseeds


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One thought on “Morgan Freeman’s Powerful Message To All Starseeds

  1. melinda jacob

    Well Morgan, one must look at life, and death within the same manner. Money should not define anyone within thee true realm of experience. Those who love you without the fondation of of any, nor many will be with you til the end. I am a women who has birthed 6 children without the funds to truly give them what I’ve always wanted to give in order to allow them to live with more freedom. However I know that I have done them right by the way they constantly long for my company everyday! To me i feel much regret, but to them they believe that I gave them thee best of life, because they say that i taught them love , even within the darkest corners of life. And still till thisday i feel great sadness knowing that raising them without the money to carry them through college or just being able to help them in their time of need. And though their lives are difficult they still thank me for teaching them love. Inn the end i guess that’s all that matters.

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