Partial Solar Eclipse in Cancer! Which raises the question – What does Home mean to you?

Thus, I invite you to just take a few moments for yourself, to nourish yourself, get clear and to breathe.  Breathe into your belly, into all the corners and down deep into your toes. Let’s practice the nice cooling breathe of breathing in through your curled tongue or pursed mouth long and slow and holding for two and then breathing it out through your nose.  As you breathe, feel your jaw relax, your scalp relax and your shoulders drop. There is nothing that you need to do right at this minute, this time is for you.

Then when you feel ready pick the card or cards that resonate or whisper to you.



Shall we go have a look?



Don’t look to what has been to find your destiny.  Your future is bright and blessed. If the pain of the past feels a little too close for comfort, White Duchess steps in to help you leave behind the emotional storms of your past and move into her protection.  A time of transition is upon you and soon your feet shall settle upon sacred ground, and calm shall prevail, inside and out.

Are you one of the many suffering in a dark and stormy inner world of post-traumatic stress?  Do you believe that because there have been struggles in your past, and perhaps at times even great pain, that this is how your future shall be too?  Or perhaps you have been striving towards a dream and it seems so long since you began that you are losing hope of ever breaking through into successful fulfillment and a new life.

Don’t look back.  Let the past be put to rest.  Whatever has haunted your dreams, whatever has caused turmoil is over.  It is not needed anymore. There is a future destiny calling to you now.  It is time to transition through into a new world, into your new life. Trust her and believe in the positive power of your future.


You are going to witness the impossible made possible.  Whatever you think is lost, is not. Whatever you think cannot be, shall be.  The universe is going to intervene and what seems to be over, shall in a new way, live again.

Sometimes, just when you think it’s all over, the eleventh hour comes.  You can practically hear the opening chords of your swan song, and when you have finally given up, suddenly, somehow, right before your eyes, everything changes – just like that.  You were free-falling and then, suddenly, you are soaring. Fate steps in, destinies are altered and life demonstrates its creative, restorative power, even if all seemed lost.

No matter how defeated you feel, no matter how many dead ends you’ve encountered, how many setbacks, how many failures, no matter how impossible success may seem, the universe has your back and is going to right things in your favour.  You will succeed. So if you really must (sigh) doubt for one more moment – go ahead, then replace doubt with trust and participate in the divine defiance of life refusing to be stepped on or crushed. Why not just frigging relax and bear witness to the universe’s impressive display of life-giving power with reverence and delight?  Gorgeous one – get out of your own way!


Cunningly clever am I, helping you discern the truth from the lie.  I remind you that half truths may seem to be whole, yet in the shadows is information yet to be known.  When the time is right, the light shall be bright, and confusion will give way to understanding.

You are being invited to be patient.  This is a cautionary card, not to inspire concern, but rather to inspire curiosity.  There is more to a situation, person, opportunity, or even an apparent absence of activity or success, than meets the eye.  You could imagine it being like the universe has another card up its sleeve and is yet to show its full hand. A process has been set in motion but is “under the radar” of your awareness.  Something is happening, even if that doesn’t appear to be the case. But just like a seed starts to grow into a plant, deep in the earth, apparently invisible and yet very real, you are being subjected to invisible but real forces of growth and healing at this time.

Because you cannot know what you don’t know, you will need to wait for more information to come to you.  So if what you see, sense or feel is negative right now, don’t believe it! Things are going to shift and change and there will be a surprising twist in your life.  Though you don’t see it coming, another piece of your life puzzle is going to reveal itself soon. It will help solve a difficulty or question you have been holding in your heart.

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