Pick a card for your important message

Ready?  Just breathe, just take a lovely breathe out and then breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.  Focus on what makes you feel happy. It could be a flower, an experience, a vision. Just focus on the feeling of how that makes you feel.  Breathe that in. If you want some help with just getting relaxed and comfy there is a fun guided visualisation that involves water.

Then when you are ready, pick the card/cards that call to you.  Remember there is no right way or wrong way, it just is. Trust yourself.

Did you pick?

Ready to go have a look?



You are undergoing radical growth in your belief systems.  Now is the time to challenge old attitudes and question previous expectations.  You are in an extraordinary time. Great leaps forward can be made in a moment. The world you thought you knew can suddenly break open, and a new world can become your reality.

Buddhists sometimes speak of the “beginner’s mind” – that which assumes nothing and therefore is open to everything.  Old souls can sometimes find it hard to recapture their “not knowingness”. Asking someone with a lot of life experience, who may have become a bit world-weary, to drop expectations and look at the world through fresh eyes can be challenging.  Yet life becomes much more energising and interesting when you are open and don’t hold expectations about what will be. Suddenly, you are receptive to the Universe helping you in ways that, in the past, you did not believe possible – all because you kept an open mind.

If you are feeling that you don’t really know yourself, your relationships or your place in the world as you once did – if you are feeling that what you once held to be certain now seems to be a little shaky – these are signs that you are going through paradigm shift.  This will bring you new perceptions that will free you to be in the world in new ways. You will find yourself shedding old limiting fears and misconceptions. You are stepping beyond what you have known . You are a bit like a traveller in a new city feeling awkward until she gets the “lay of the land”, and how things operate in that new place.  As you trust the unexpected and unknown, the Universe will be able to help you in unexpected and previously unknown ways. Embrace the power you have to be a free thinker. Dare to think thoughts of love rather than lower your vibration by choosing thoughts of fear. Trust, for something helpful and empowering is happening in your soul.

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