Pick a card for your important message [14.06]

Did you pick the cards or cards that whispered to you?

Shall we go have a little look see?



Deep within you are moved by an ancient, powerful force that cannot be tamed.  It is the rising pulse of your connection to the life force. You feel it in your bones, in your blood, in your heart and in your belly.  When there is something dying within, you sense it falling away, no longer needed. You sense when it is time to rest and be patiently in transition.  You feel the stirring of agitation and restlessness when new life calls you to create, to act, to step forward and to take a risk. You know that you march to your own bet, that no-one else can tell you what your inner rhythms are and that you must trust in your own timing.  You cannot be rushed or forced, nor can you be held back when it is time to burst forth. Life celebrates and supports the natural rise and fall of your inner rhythms.

You cannot miss what you are destined for nor will you gain anything by trying to push yourself.  Trust in the life cycles within, and you will feel the perfect balance between effort and surrender, discipline and letting go.

When it is time for the rhythm of rest, you will feel a natural slowing within and be drawn into contemplation and environments are more gentle, spacious or nourishing and perhaps more peaceful.  When the rhythm of play beats in your heart, you will reach out to others to connect, dance, converse, sing, make music, make love and share your wildness. You will be drawn to uplifting groups and places where you can experience a positive energetic exchange.

Your needs will be met in harmony with your rhythms.  All that you will miss out on by trusting this, is anxiety.  What you will gain is peace.

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