Pick a card for your important message [25.06]

Pick a card for your important message [25.06]

If that doesn’t fit for you, that’s all good – just relax and start paying attention to your breathe and let your mind empty itself and be filled with glorious golden sunlight.  Then when you are ready pick the card or cards that call to you, and of course you can pick more than one!

Did you remember to pick?


Ready to go have a look?




In times of olde, they said that only those who were pure could connect with those like myself.  That the virgin could connect with Unicorn. That the child could see the meaning of God. That the fae would truly see into your heart, and finding it corrupt, would never appear to you.

I am here to tell you that your heart is pure and wild and innocent.  It is that you have forgotten how to see us, that you have been told that in order to see us, you must be perfect.  That in order to see us, you must be mad, unclean, broken, and if you say you have seen us, you face being shunned.

I am here to say to you that we appear to those who have looked into their hearts and have seen beyond the woundings….because within you there is a wild and untrammelled heart space which is free of any taint.  In that space we can enter and therefore, we can and we will be seen again. You were not born into this world wrong or sinful. There may be karmic markings, but you are no sinner, nor are you corrupt or unworthy.  Foster that which is wild and pure and good with you, and we will begin to appear and come forth. You will feel us on the wind, in the water, see us in the fire and hear our voices emanating from the heart of our mother, the Earth.

You are a child of the Mother, call her what you will, and at your core you are one of the wild ones.  That is my message for you.


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