Psychology has tried to make a model for individual personalities based on certain parameters. Based on the theory of color and shapes, a psychologist believes that choosing one of these six crystals can reveal a lot about your personality.

Each person has a different type of personality. Carefully observe the six crystals. Concentrate on the shape and color and choose that which you like most. Then, read the result of your chosen crystal and you’ll see the results are surprising.

1. Amethyst – Evolution 

You can renew yourself and adapt easily. You learn quickly, but you tend to be a little isolated, given that you like to learn on your own; however, the people who love you will always be there to support you.

2. Emerald – Independence

You’re independent. You don’t depend on absolutely anyone and you know you can achieve your goals on your own; however, you need to learn how to nurture your friendships.

3. Lapis Lazuli – Enterprising
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