Pick Your Rune And Find Out Your Future

Pick Your Rune And Find Out Your Future

Runes were ancient letters in Northern European languages, which were later replaced by Latin alphabet. However, many people continued to use them as the method of fortune telling and problem-solving.

Apart from being linked to particular sound, every rune denoted a certain object of importance to the ancients. If you want to know your future, just pick one rune, and it will tell you all about it!

Don’t think for too long. Some rune practitioners pick random runes out of a box. Let your intuition guide you! Now let’s take a look at what you have chosen:

1. Ehwaz — “horse”

This animal embodies speed and free will. If the rapid changes in your life haven’t begun yet, they’re about to. No need to stop, just learn how to live at such pace. You’ll enjoy it, once you see the brand new horizons and new places, where your horse brought you.

2. Opila – “heritage”

This is the rune of safety, stability, and prosperity. It’s time to harvest the fruits of the work of many people over the long period. It doesn’t only denote the material objects, but also the spiritual ones. You might come to a very important understanding in your life.

3. Uruz — “wild ox”

This rune is about power and physical health, as well as what we know call a resourcefulness. If you are planning some big project, just go for it! You will super-productive and will manage to inspire others for great achievements!

4. Gebu — “Gift”

This rune denotes giving, and you can be both a donator and a recipient. It’s also about sharing and connecting with other people. You will most likely feel the readiness to spread knowledge and care about others.

5. Algiz — “protection”

You will be undergoing some problems, but in the meantime you will also experience the protection of higher power. There will be a storm, but your tiny boat will unexpectedly defy all odds. When everything’s over, you will feel gratitude.

6. Raidu — “wagon”

This rune tells you about of journeys. You’ll be traveling, and what’s even more important, you will have a spiritual transition to better understanding. Note, that you will be an initiator of all these changes.

7. Berkana — “birch”

It’s about renewal, growth and the beginning of life. It might be a new member of the family. Or you will feel sudden relief after long grief or sadness. You’ll experience the spring at its best: the fresh air, the hopes, the new ideas the happiness of life.

8. Tiwaz — “Sky”

This rune denotes leadership and the connection with higher power. You’ll feel entitled to guide others for a better cause. You’ll also experience the extreme un-manly strength within yourself. This will be a very important period.

9. Mannaz — “Man”

Mankind is what’s bound to Earth. This will be the time of waiting. The period of great deeds and powerful emotions is behind. You need to relax and stay on the ground for a while before you embark yet another path of achievements.

10. Hagalaz — “hail”

This rune is about a crisis. Every person needs troubles once in a while to become stronger, smarter and better. This period will test your skills and your spirit. However, you will endure it and grow as a personality.

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