6 Important Grounding Tips For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

Grounding is one of the most important things Empaths need to learn in order to control their emotions and protect themselves. For Empaths and Sensitives, in these trying times, it is a challenge for us to stay grounded as we are constantly being bombarded with a real mix of negative, external emotions. Empaths can’t help being understanding, giving, and more aware. It comes natural for them to feel everything, even if they don’t want to. An Empath will always be there for you, a shoulder to cry on, a confidant,…

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World’s Leading Psychiatrist Shares 20 Tips To Overcome Every Obstacle In Life

by Conscious Reminder Mikhail Litvak – one of the world’s most renown psychiatrists and psychotherapists – shares these 20 tips that, although short, if applied correctly, can help you face and overcome every obstacle in life.  Dr. Litvak developed this problem solving system and called it “Psychological Aikido”. He himself was the first one who used it and with remarkable results. In my opinion, if you take the time to study and apply these 20 short tips, you will have a very powerful psychological weapon in your hands. If a person has nothing good to…

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