This is the monthly Tarot Forecast for February 2018. February is the “2” month of 2018 and has double energy of 2 (2+1+0+8=11= 1+1), so the general focus will be on relationships, both professional and personal, and remember to attract and work with your soul group. Many of you will find people from your soul group and will connect to them thus giving each other the support and boost required to use the amazing energy of 2018.

Know the energy of February and work to attract your success and happiness!!!


Aries – Page of Cups

Angels say that you’ve a lot of ideas that you want to implement but don’t know how to. The route to them seems vague and the people you are trying to rope in for support are as good as not there.

If you’re single, there is a chance of meeting your soul mate/ twin flame this month if you let go of your notion of what he/she should be. This month many things might start for you, in form of new projects, new opportunities in your professional life and advent of a soul mate/twin flame but for that you need to be aware of what you want to do. Be clear on your dreams and goals and create a path to reach there. If you’re already in a relationship, thing might seem difficult because you feel your partner is not meeting your expectations. Communicate with your partner on it rather than brooding over.

If you’re not clear on your wants and desires opportunities may pass you and you’ll never know. Use the energy of this month for your highest good in both your professional and love life.


Mantra for Aries: I am well equipped to move forward with new opportunities and success.


Taurus – The Fountain Reversed

The Angels say that you need to acknowledge what you’re dreading – the change required and why it’s so required. You are living in your head my friend, and it includes judging too much, criticizing too much and letting your fears and doubts push you.

The more you understand that your thoughts & your feelings are manifesting rapidly, then only your ego-self will stop playing you throughout this month. If you’ve new opportunities, new projects and new openings they might not complete if you keep up your resistance. If you are looking forward to complete something there might be some difficulties with that too.

Shift your stubborn attitude where knowing yourself is concerned and being aware of your thoughts is concerned. Changing and the willingness to focus on what you want rather than what could have been and is not there will change the course of this month. Be flexible both in attitude and approach but keep your integrity intact.

Mantra for Taurus: My thoughts are completely aligned with success and successful manifestations.

Gemini – Nine of Cups

This month is bringing you a sense of security in your own abilities and success in many areas of your life. The financial situation you’re in will improve immensely throughout this month, as you’ll get involved in projects/works that’ll attract rewards to you both on financial level and mental and emotional level.

You’ll feel more confident of yourself and will embrace your own personality and qualities. It’ll bring in a satisfaction that’ll attract more abundance in your life. You’ll have a feeling of belonging and fulfillment this month.

Emotionally you’ll be open to embrace anything new, changes that you feel are required and that might bring in more hope and opportunities. You’re on the right path my friend, and you are reaping rewards this month.

Mantra for Gemini: My life is a loving balance of happiness and fulfillment, always.



Cancer –  Four of Cups

It seems that you’re having difficulty in coming to terms with what you want and where you are right now. Acceptance is your main issue, as you don’t want any changes and try to do your best to resist them. Due to it there is a lot of confusion and disillusion within you which is not healing.

You want things to turn a certain way and they are not, remember this is an indication from the universe to understand and change your beliefs, priorities and thoughts within. You feel miserable or at least self-pity and that purely is self-deception and self-destruction rolled into one. You like to play the victim which you’re not and due to your fascination on your misery you attract more this month if you’re not aware and not changing your path!!!! You are clouding yourself with the feeling of being stuck.

What you need is change & quick shift in your thoughts, emotions and being. You only can be your messiah!!!!

Mantra for Cancer: I’m changing for my highest good as I’m aligned with my higher self in words, actions & thoughts.



Leo – Judgment Reversed

You’ll be pulled in two opposites directions & attitudes but this month the balance has to be maintained no matter what. There’ll be many new opportunities or inkling of them and ideas that’ll come to you, you’ll be given situations and circumstances where you need to understand that willpower and stubbornness are opposites to each other even if they are of same energy.

Your willpower might take you forward in case of difficulties and challenges and help you, but your stubbornness to resist any kind of change that requires self-analysis and contemplation on yourself might bring in more issues so, work with it. You’re also wary of many situations and are not ready to understanding them which is adding to your complexities of life this month.

Forgiveness is required by you this month. Move ahead and forgive people and situations in the past as your shying away and not acknowledging the facts of your own thoughts and emotions are pushing in challenges where there should’ve only been success, fulfillment & happiness.

Virgo – Strength

This might become a month of triumph for many of you. You’ve been working with many projects and many wishes in your life and this month you’ll see some results and hope coming your way. You will be full of power, strength, courage and the perfect attitude required for success.

Your inner knowing is anyways telling you that February is an opportunity you won’t want to miss out and keep shifting your beliefs with the understanding that you are manifesting your dreams & desires in your life.

Many of you will give an amazing presentation, may be will pull in the required financial support or a big client, many of you’ll let go off the fear that paralyses you and will take a leap of faith. This month will change many things in your life for good, just be open & willing!!!!

Mantra for Virgo: I am honoring my power of self-discipline, courage, respect & determination which is bestowing upon me abundance & success, now.


Libra – The Emperor Reversed

You are trying too hard and since you’re aware of it there are chances that desperation might set in. The best way to deal with the unwanted feelings & emotions is the act of letting go. Also, for you this month, keep creating small building blocks that will lead you to your success, may be not this month but in very near future.

You need to remember that “Rome was not built in a day”, and so it takes time, meticulous and continuous action to build what you want to. Keep your focus consciously averted from any disappointments and undue pressure that might come your way this month.

The difficulties & failure you encounter this month are just building blocks to success if you want to make them one. So, rather than overthinking, do, keep the action alive for your goals.

Mantra for Libra: Everything is falling in line to my wishes and I’m attracting the right situation, people and right time for my successful manifestations, always.



Scorpio –  The High Priestess Reversed

Angels request you not to be too hasty in making decisions this month. There might be some areas in a situation you’re not aware of, even if you are involved. So, try to be patient with others as well as yourself. It’s imperative that the truth will be revealed and you’ll be shocked to see that this was just in front of you but you were avoiding it.

If you’re determined to act on your frustration and impatience, this month will turn to chaos for you. In all possible seeming solutions acting with patience should be your mantra for February.

May be its a relationship you’re occupied with this month or may be a certain work or project or any idea or any situation you are pushing through; whatever it might be try to not cut across your intuition which is asking you to wait.

Sagittarius – Death

There’s an ending, maybe a rather painful one but still you know it was for the best. You are moving into a new zone now. Its maybe a new job, a new home, a new place, a new relationship or even a new way of thinking and new perspective. You will feel intimidated, a little fearful and not knowing what lies ahead might add to your anxiety. Whatever it is remember that this new change is what you require right now.

You might have this feeling that people are changing and you need to see a new way too, but your resentment towards some of the people close to you might not be healing, and it seems that Angels ask you to look within and find the compassion to forgive and forget.

It’s important to forgive, when you’re moving ahead and embracing change. If not, the changes happening might be difficult to endure, so watch out.

Keep an open heart and a forgiving one too!!!!

Mantra for Sagittarius: I accept and forgive all, spreading love and healing in my life as well as others, now.



Capricorn – The Hermit

This month will become a time of reassessment for you, maybe you’ll be pushed to it due to changing situations or a new way of thinking and change that has come upon you. Whatever be the reasons this month you are asked to stop and slow down and take an analytical look at yourself and your life.

What are your desires now? What do you want from life and not just a year and 2 years down the line? What do you crave? What is your need?

Have you ever asked yourself these questions? The Angels say that it has been long time to it and February is presenting to you an opportunity for the same and much required too.

It’s also because things will move slowly this month, relationships will become mundane and sluggish according to you, and the results will be far reaching, and there will be challenges and difficulties, so the requirement of adjusting yourself and your attitude for the coming times is imperative now.

Be the change this month.

Mantra for Capricorn: I’m willingly seeking peace thus re-focusing my attention to success & happiness.



Aquarius – Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Everything seems good but the outcome might not meet your expectation, as there can be unwanted changes. These changes are not catering to your success but somehow prolonging it and creating new disturbances and new challenges. There have been much going around and now they have tangled into new complexities and new issues.

Take an inventory match here and don’t be hasty or get frustrated. Even blocks can prove worthy with time, as they give you a new way of thinking and new ways of being and because of them you’ll look out for new ideas and new solutions which might bring in amazing changes and success.

The mantra for you this month will be waiting with patience and knowledge that this time will soon pass and there will be success and hope again.

Keep your hope and happiness rekindled & don’t let them get affected by the situations.

Mantra for Aquarius: I attract joy, happiness and good fortune, now.



Pisces –  Two of Swords

A time of balancing and trying hard to not give in to the lower vibes and thoughts. Emotions can be all over the place for you but you need to remember that you have the yielding magic and you can and you might change the situation you feel you’re stuck with.

Be with yourself, don’t pay heed to others or what’s happening outside. Keep working and do remember to take proper rest and rejuvenate with friends and people who take out the best in you.

There is an inner conflict and imbalance you’re trying to deal with and Angels say that it’ll need time and you are being shown the right path. You need to quit being stubborn and work through it. It might be difficult but worth it.

Claim your magic back!!!

Mantra for Pisces: I am guided towards the right path and the right circumstances for my highest good now.

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By Paulamie Mukherjee

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