Libra: Pink Tourmaline

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Libra people suffer from codependency, and from a paralyzing inability to make a decision. They’re extremely uncomfortable with confrontation, because they rely on outward peace for their inner state of mind. Pink Tourmaline is a crystal that brings about inner peace, by allowing the person who holds it to let go of extreme ways of thinking. This will help Libra stay calm, no matter what their outside circumstances look like and will help them to think more independently.

Scorpio: Yellow Topaz

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Scorpios are known as the most sexual sign, and have a tendency to shut down their sexual urges in unhealthy ways. They can be obsessive, manipulatively secretive, and struggle with jealousy and obsession. Yellow topaz activates the base chakra, strengthening ones sense of personal willpower and personal worth.

Sagittarius: Ruby

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Sagittarius has a fear of commitment that manifests in a disruptive tendency to run away and live a more nomadic lifestyle. They become bored easily and can run to the next exciting thing, unhappy with what they have. Ruby is a stone that increases passion within relationships, and has protective qualities that allows a Sagittarius to blaze their trail safely.

Capricorn: Tiger’s Eye

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Capricorns are career obsessed, often using their ambition as a way to avoid intimacy or interpersonal relationships. They also may have familial dysfunction, trying to gain the approval of their father, or of society at large. Tiger’s eye dispels anxiety and fear, allowing the owner to make decisions that are not influenced by their emotions, without shutting those emotions down.

Aquarius: Hematite

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Aquarians are rebels to a fault; they have a need to stand out because they are terrified of finding out that in fact, they are just as deluded as the rest of us. Hematite helps to bolster self-esteem by allowing the holder to see themselves more clearly, getting rid of all the negative beliefs that cloud our ability to see ourselves for who we are.

Pisces: Aquamarine

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Pisces are escapists with a deep fear of asserting boundaries. They suffer from emotional disorders, as well as addiction, due to their extreme sensitivity. Aquamarine helps to soothe tumultuous emotions, and to inspire the holder to accept the truth by sweeping away the delusions that cloud our vision of reality.

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