Sometimes our emotions and feelings are suppressed for so long that we do not realize that we are hurt. We often deny and pretend that everything is fine or not at all aware of these injuries. Healing begins when you allow it and when your mind, thoughts, and emotions are aligned with the aspect of your being. These are the 5 hidden signs that indicate that you may need soul-healing.

1. Focusing only on the negative

Negative thinking has become a habit in every situation. Your mind is only thinking of poor outcomes rather than focusing on the good side of things. Of course, it is impossible to constantly be positive, but pessimism is part of your thoughts. Bad things happen to everyone, and in some cases things really can go worse. But there is little positivity to make your day more beautiful and give you peace, even for a very short period of time. When you understand this, you will take a step forward to your treatment.

2. Over-thinking

When you lose control over your mind and allow it to dominate your life, then you are in trouble. He will only consume your energy and your time as nothing positively leaves him. Excessive thinking is a trap, and if you catch it, it will destroy you. But you can get rid and find a safe place. Ancient texts call this “monkey mind” because it constantly “jumps” from one thought to another. When you firmly take control and will calm your mind, he will become your servant.

3. You are caught in the trap of information

Gaining knowledge can be a powerful experience. The wisdom is when you know how and when to use that knowledge. If your desire for knowledge is an attempt to fill a void or suppress a feeling, then it is reduced to a combination of words. Surely you have met people who can talk about almost everything, but are those conversations real? Important are those who can touch your soul and make a difference in your life. Do not talk because it was supposed to, talk only what you really think. That means being wise.

Wisdom is not characterized by a larger brain, but with a greater heart. Wisdom illuminates the darkness. It is not something you can read in a book, but you acquire it through experience, intuition and listening to your inner voice. Talk and answer smartly. Think about things from all directions, never talk without a reason, and sometimes it’s good to keep quiet. Do not use too little or too much words.

4. You are afraid to lose control or to move on

Everyone has some sort of fear. Someone is afraid of heights, another from darkness, failure, change, truth, and most of all – from losing control. Almost all have a desire to control every aspect of their lives. We are planning the future to be comfortable and our fear is to lose control because we do not want to be “thrown out” into the unknown.

But only when you leave your comfortable zone you will experience adventure, you will look at life from another perspective and you will mature as a person. Only then the magic will  happen. You can not control the future, but you can control your mind and create a new beginning today.

5. You suffer from cognitive dissonance

We stick to our beliefs like our life depends on them. We are so rigid with our thoughts and opinions that at the moment when someone causes them, we feel uncomfortable. This is the moment when we feel a cognitive dissonance. After this, we can choose to change our limited belief system or stick to our original opinion. Depending on how you react to these situations, cognitive dissonance can have a great impact on your life. Once you focus on what happens to you, you can see every trial, reviews, belief and idea with a perspective that may not allow you to mature

source: davoicee