Who doesn’t want to live a satisfying life, minus the negativity? Surely, we all do, right? Then, please be careful and keep your distance from the low vibration energy.

The levels of vibration in the light energy are supposed to affect positive and negative things in one’s life. High level of vibration is associated with the good things and low energy has harmful effects on our life. Here is a list of signs that you should watch out for. It is important to eliminate low vibration energy from our lives, to get us back on the path of happiness.


Acute dandruff indicates a blocked crown chakra. As a result, you will not be able to receive the universal light.

Debt and Poverty:

High vibration energy boosts our monetary situation, which in turn is a definite happiness booster. Whereas, financial issues, debt is a result of low vibration.

Ill Health:

A persistent sickness brings about stress and negative thoughts. These are in charge of low vibrations. Ill health, all it brings is physical and mental agony.

Recurring wounds:

When the natural flow of energy is disturbed, you will experience bodily injuries.


The subconscious mind unites with the universal energy only when we are sleeping. Thus, people who are sleep-deprived, how low vibration energy. Due to this, the connecting link with the universe gets blocked.

Difficult Relationships:

Any kind of strained or difficult relationship breeds low vibration. Try and maintain cordial relations with everybody, be it your partner, your neighbor or colleagues.

Wearing defensive root chakra colours:

You can express yourself to a great extent with colours. It is absolutely ok to wear colours like black, red or brown frequently, but the trouble arises when you wear the same colour all the time. It reflects your subconscious mind. Solely using only one colour signals low vibration levels.

If any of the above-mentioned signs are present in your life immediate remedial action should be taken to create high-energy vibration.

One of the easiest ways to improvise on vibrations is to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Source: dailyoccupation